Make Your Pet Useful Yourself


You need a comprehensive training course that involves everything you are required to know about how to care and train your puppy properly. Puppies that are the age of 8- 16 weeks old and have had a bit of training before can be further trained. The training class consists of a total of four sessions. It is a group class of six puppies that is essential for proper socialization skills. Families are encouraged to participate so that every family member may also learn the correct way to train their puppy for better results consistently. Also private one-on-one, individual plans to yield specific goals and aim at specific behavior in your home, and it can begin the day your puppy comes home with you after training. You will realize what you have got in lieu of the cost paid for the training of your dog in just a few hours.

There are four comprehensive sessions to prepare your puppy for learning and proper growth. It is a class that concentrates on individual requirements by aiming at puppies’ behavior and interaction with one another. Each session is a training course for you and your puppy at puppy training Cleveland Ohio.

1st Training Session

  • You ought to learn proper puppy health and nutrition. Consult canine nutritional health professional who will inform you of proper foods and snacks that are the healthiest for your growing puppy.
  • You will be taught which toys are the best toys for your puppy.
  • When and how to appropriately vaccinate your dog, and what these vaccines will protect the dog against.
  • The correct way to pick-up or handle your puppy in order to ensure less stressful vet and grooming visits.
  • You are explained required grooming and grooming specifics that are based on certain breeds in the session.
  • Proper house for the dog and crate training expectations to deal with.
  • Puppies off leash to socialize with other puppies, and discuss right behaviors between dogs.
  • Setting proper expectations on the dog and reading body language properly.
  • Teaching how to recognize negative behaviors.

2nd training session

  • Starts with socialization.
  • Train you and your puppy for the exact eye contact and how to turn it into a command for the dog.
  • Train puppies’ way to approach people without jumping, barking, whining, overexcitement, or barking.
  • Method to use your body language and special pressure to correct negative behaviors.
  • Train handlers use of positive reinforcement that with treats.
  • Train handlers how to properly start leash training that will encourage the puppy to walk with you.
  • Working individually with you as a handler and each puppy’s training progress

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3rd Training Session

  • Start with socialization.
  • Come: Command to be given.
  • The Dos & Don’ts of commands given.
  • Involve the whole family in this session, including children.
  • Ways to make learning and new training fun for you and your puppy in particular.
  • Use of commands in a socialized setting.
  • Being able to carry out commands with distractions.
  • Working with different family members on how to execute commands.

4th Training Session

  • Start with socialization.
  • How to overcome obstacles.

A frame, uneven board, balance beam, tunnel.

  • How to explore puppies senses.
  • To overcome fears.
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