Let Your Dog Run Free With The Wireless Dog Fence


Pets are your lovable company and they should be treated with best care and attention. Wireless dog fence makes your job easy and safe to fulfill your responsibility toward your dog. As they are easy to set and portable, most dog owners prefer to use it with great zeal. Let’s have a comfortable discussion about it.

Reasons behind the popularity of wireless fence dogs

There are couples of the reason why wireless fence gain much popularity among people.

  1. The key reason behind its popularity is its easy maintenance system of setting up. You may take a wireless fence up and run in less about an hour.
  2. You need not replace or fix any wire breaks as it is wireless. In addition, you can afford its maintenance cost.
  3. This wonderful dog fence is lightweight and that’s why it is portable. Wherever you want to go, you can carry it with you. It is very safe and secure for your dog.

How wireless dog fence works

A wireless dog fence works perfectly and is very useful for the best security of your dog. There are many kinds of dog fence available on the market. The adjustments of your safe zone completely depend on which fence you are going to buy.

In this case, your pet dog needs to wear a receiver collar. He can run freely here and there until the collar receives any signal from the transmitter. But if he reaches so close to the danger zone considered for him, the receiver collar will start beeping to warn them for caution. If your dog ignores the signal given from the transmitter, a light electric stimulation will be delivered to warn them again. This warning signal is being named as a static correction. It won’t hurt your dog.

This static correction uses its signal to remind them that they are not in a safe zone. They need to leave that place as soon as possible.

Limitations of wireless fence

There are equally some positive and negative sides of everything. There is no exception in the dog fence also.

  1. Wireless dog fence provides you the circularly shaped area zone. For an example, if are living in a narrow shaped area, it won’t work for you.
  2. Wireless dog fence works best in wide open places. Where there are a lot of trees, it won’t work in that area. Restricted zones discontinue its activity. The spaces where there is no obstruction to block the signal, wireless dog fences perform well there.
  3. These wonderful dog fences have another limitation in metal siding home. They can’t transmit through metal well. They stop working suddenly when it gets along with any kind of metal siding in your home surroundings.

Conclusion: Despite there is some limitation of using a wireless dog fence, it is undoubtedly effective equipment for your beloved dog’s safety and security. The kind of convenience it provides you is worthy to get the best compliment.

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