Kratzbaum Test: Training your Cat to Use a Scratching Post


Pet owners must know that cats need to climb or scratch posts. If there are no appropriate objects for pet felines to use: rugs, drapes, and furniture may be in mortal danger.

Why cats climb and scratch

Scratching will help kittens remove their nail’s old layers that are overgrown. Not like dogs, felines like to climb and move vertically. Both climbing and scratching are normal cat activities. Owners need to provide their new kittens with different kinds of textures and surfaces and teach them to use it instead of valuable things inside your home.

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Until you can make sure that the kittens will not scratch or claw furniture inside your house.Homeowners should not allow their furry friend to run free in their home when they are not around to supervise. If the pet has a single favorite and an improper scratching area like cabinet or the arm of the armchair, you can temporarily protect it by putting a netting, plastic, loosely woven fabric or double-sided tape to cover them, that is not comfortable or fun to scratch.

Domesticated felines do not like to snag their claws. Confining them is not a long-term solution, but it can help pet owners train their pets to use a pad or post when they are not around to actively train these felines. Confinement areas need to be well-stocked with different kinds of climbing posts and scratching materials so they will have no other choice but to scratch or climb the pads or posts that you provide.

Teaching pets to use the post

Homeowners can buy a post at the nearest pet store, or if they are on a tight budget, they can always build one for themselves. Rough-hewn four-by-four’s set vertically with a few horizontal resting platforms are enough to take away their attention from valuable furniture or appliance.

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If you purchase carpets to cover homemade post or buy finished items, you need to bring a comb to test that there are no loops or loose ends on the carper to snag their claws. You can also attach a carpeting underside-up, as the backing has rough textures that cats will genuinely enjoy.

Cardboard or sisal rope scratching posts are an excellent alternative to carpet, especially if homeowners have a lot of carpet in your home already. A lot of domesticated felines prefer the texture of cardboard or sisal rope compared to carpet.

Whether pet owners are trying to cure or prevent a scratching issue, the most critical thing they need to do is reward and praise pets for climbing or scratching their appropriate posts. Merely putting a couple of posts in front of your pet is not enough.

You need to specifically train them to scratch or climb these and only these things. If the pet is not interested in the scratching post that you provided, it is up to you to show them how much fun these items can be. Put your furry friend’s favorite food treats on the platform that you provided.

Attach a toy so they can dangle down temptingly. Homeowners can also rub the post with catnip to make sure that it can attract a pet. Most kittens scratch immediately after they wake up while they are stretching or exercising. As soon as the pet wakes up from their slumber, call them to the post. Scratch the post a couple of feet off the floor. Most kittens will reach up, scratch, and stretch their front paws on the scratching post. Praise your furry friend profusely, especially if they make an appropriate scratching motion.

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Teaching them what not to climb or scratch

Once your furry friend understands that climbing and scratching the right post is fun, gains your warm approval, and rewarding, it is time to teach them not to use your furniture or drapes as their scratchpad. If you catch your furry friend clawing at anything other than the thing that you provided, immediately aim some water from a plant sprayer or produce a sudden loud noise to scare them and stop inappropriate behavior. Pet will soon link unpleasant things with furniture or drapes and remember how positive and rewarding it is to climb and scratch its approved post.

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