Know Everything before you Bring a Harlequin Macaw Bird Home


Since a very long time, parrots have been a great option if you want to keep a pet bird. It’s been decades since people keep parrots at their houses. One of the biggest perks of keeping a parrot at home is that they are intelligent and beautiful birds that can amaze you with their smartness.

If you’re planning to bring a bird home and pet it, you can choose from the different varieties of parrots. One of the most beautiful, vibrant, and amazing species of parrots is the Harlequin Macaw Bird. Let’s know more about this bird:

The common name of the bird – harlequin – suits the bird in two ways. First, the literal meaning of the words is said to be an assortment of patterns and colors. This perfectly depicts the physical features of the bird.

Secondly, the word also means a clown or a joker. This explains the amusing behavior of the bird.

So, the name Harlequin macaw perfectly suits this hybrid bird.

  • Behavioral Traits

The general personality of the harlequin macaw bird is fun, comical, and very friendly. Thus, the parents to this pet are usually happy spending time with them.

Also, just as other hybrid birds, these birds have the excellent qualities of intelligence, great speech, and socialization. The temperament of this bird is quite calm. However, at times it can get cranky and frustrated just like any other pet.

  • Physical Traits

The harlequin macaws are big in size as compared to other parrots. If measured from the tip of the beak to the tip of its tail, a macaw is about 34-40 inches long.

The bird has feathers of vibrant colors and is found in different colors and patterns. The color of the bird majorly depends on the male parent of a harlequin as males are known to have dominant genes in this species.

The breast and belly of the bird are usually of red-orange or light orange colors. At their backs, these birds have vibrant green and blue-colored feathers. The tail feathers of the harlequin birds have hints of gold as well.

This bird usually weighs between 2-3.5 pounds. It is difficult to tell the sex of a harlequin bird by just looking at it.

  • Taking Care

The harlequin macaw bird is a very socializing bird. Thus, it needs to be kept in an environment where it can socialize with others.

You need to spend some good time with your pet bird everyday to keep it happy, fun, and at its best behavior. If the bird is ignored and doesn’t get the needed attention, it can get cranky, violent, and can harm itself.

As the size of the bird is quite large, it needs a large space to stay. You can bring a cage that is long and broad enough for your bird’s comfortable stay.

With all this information, you now know quite a lot about this great bird and are ready to bring it home. So, get this fun and amusing pet today and enjoy!

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