Importance Of Putting Harness On Your Dog

Shorthaired Chihuahua with a harness on leash sitting outdoors in sunlight. Approved by Mari-Beth O'Neill July 2018. Approved by Denise Flaim for Editorial. Stock photo #524687765

If you possess an aggressive or boisterous dog and often find it a bit problematic to handle your pet, then simple neck collar will not be sufficient for controlling its movement. You will then need a perfect harness for the animal to make it properly respond to you. Why should you purchase a harness instead of the dog’s neck collar? There are myriad reasons to justify the fact. Just read the following benefits & promptly switch to the right harness for your zesty pup. 

For getting full control over your energetic dog

A dog harness enables the owner to completely control his pet while accompanying it on road or in the park. Large, strong & energetic dogs often try to go beyond your control especially on streets because of exciting stimuli and it becomes highly difficult for you to manage them at that time. The harness also provides more control on your pup when it seeks to chase a cat, bird or another dog on the footpath or in the park.

Ensuring utmost protection for your pooch

Dog harnesses give utmost protection to your dog as it covers the larger part of its body. Harness proves to be highly secured by covering the chest, front limbs and shoulders of the pet instead of tightening its neck only. This accessory is a crucial alternative to dog’s collar which is put on the animal’s neck while the owners are advised not to fasten it tightly. This becomes an irritating concern and often dangerous for the dog while going for a sidewalk beside busy traffic. An effective dog harness truly restricts the movement of your doggie & prevents it from sudden escaping.  

For avoiding severe neck & trachea wounds

When you pull the lead fixed to the dog’s collar, it poses immense strain on its delicate neck area. This ultimately leads to developing serious injuries on the dog’s neck & trachea. Some smaller dog breeds have delicate bones in their neck area and such discomfort may turn into the worst condition for them. Here lies the significance of harness as it puts the pressure on the extended part of the dog’s body and thus prevents critical injuries. Buying the right harness for such small breeds becomes essential in such a situation.

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