As in the hectic lifestyle, many would forget to grow up pets. But, they are the one, which helps you to relieve your stress. There are many pets, which have been used to grown in our house. Likewise, hamster is the species, which belongs to subfamily of cricetinea. There are many people would like to grown up this species in their home. But, if you are the one who would like to accompany hamster in your house, something should be note down while taking care of hamster. By looking at their behaviours one can easily forget their stress, but proper care should be taken on them. Looking at the hamster frolic around its cage can provide you enjoyment. What exactly they are doing? Is it just playing or their action means something? Hamster is the considered as a most complicated little creature and understanding little more about them may help you to keep your hamster stress free and also healthy. This is the well known fact which reduces stress for hamsters and it is the best thing you can do to help your pet to live long and healthy life.

If you notice that your hamster is creeping in his cage, then this means that your hamster is nervous about something, and most probably something outside its cage. Do you grown up cat nearby? Then keep an eye out of things, which could be causing your hamster stress. If the things get worse and your hamster gets frightened frequently, he may put its ears forward and puff its cheeks.

Hamsters should be handled with proper care; there are many guides to take care of hamsters. Even they are pert animals; it is like our family member, so we should take care of them properly. While taking care of this pet, we can feel some signs if they are not comfortable with us.

Some of the most pleasant signs to look for the hamster is grooming and burrowing. If you notice that your hamster is burrowing, then it means that it is looking for some stray bits of food lying among its bedding material which he have missed it before. But, if you catch your hamster while grooming or stretching, then you are looking at the happy hamster.


Hamsters by themselves use various scent glands on their bodies in order to make their surroundings by rubbing up the glands against the side of cage. If there is a spot in cage, they would like to mark but cannot get to with their glands. They will scratch all its scent glands with the help of its rear feet and then walk around area, which they would like to claim as theirs.

You may sometimes catch up your hamster chewing at bars of its cafe. Although he may look like that he is trying to chew on his way to freedom, he is actually keeping its every growing tooth at reasonable length. Like these valuable information regarding hamster, one can go through the above mentioned link and know more about hamster.

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