How To Teach Your Dog To Sit


This “how to guide” will show you how to teach your best friend to sit and be more obedient. This is the most basic command to teach your dog and it is best to be taught while your pet is still a puppy.

How To Teach Your Dog To Sit.

  • Before you start teaching your dog anything, make sure that you first bond with your pet and make it know that you are the owner so it will pay more attention to you.
  • Keep in mind that your dog already knows how to sit by itself so you are not teaching it how to sit but teaching it to sit when you tell it to. Now you can either teach it by raising your hand and the dog will sit or you can say “sit” and the dog will sit, sometimes hand signs work better than sound.
  • Make sure that you have some of its favourite small treats or dry food to give to the dog every time they achieve what you want them to do.
  • Now get your dog’s attention by calling it by it’s name and bring it in front of you.
  • There are a few ways how to actually get your dog to sit. The first way is to guide your dog’s nose up until it sits, by putting the treat in front of their nose and raise it up, but right before your dog’s bottom hits the ground say “sit” or raise your hand then give it the treat and praise it. If your dog doesn’t follow the treat into sitting position then trying putting your dog in a corner or against a wall.
  • Another way to teach it is to say “sit” or raise your hand and push your dog’s lower back down (slowly) and then praise it and give it a treat when it does it (don’t push their back too hard or the dog might get angry at you and refuses to do the command).
  • Keep doing the same thing and give them treats every time till the dog does it confidently and shows you that it knows the command without the guidance of the treat or the pushing of the lower back.
  • After it knows it off by heart, stop giving it treat every time it does the command but still give it once in a while. Don’t worry if your dog expects the treat anyway, it will forget about it after a while and enjoys a surprise treat every once in a while.

It is very easy to teach your dog how to sit and hope that this how to helped a lot and that the tips work for your dog. Hope your dog is now more obedient and it won’t ruin that new dress you’re wearing by jumping on you because now all you have to do is say “sit”! 🙂

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