How to Teach a Dog Tricks?


Do you know easy dog tricks, but you don’t know how to teach your dog the tricks? No matter how hard you are trying, the dog just doesn’t learn the easy tricks. This might be because you don’t know exactly how to teach your dog tricks. There are certain secrets that you should know about dog tricks, to learn it to them successfully. Now, you will know exactly how to teach a dog tricks, without any problems at all.

Treats or clicker is essential for teaching a dog

When you are trying to teach a dog tricks, you need to make sure that you have a reward for him. Something that he likes to eat. Or, a training clicker will also work.

Most professional trainers are making use of a clicker as well as a treat. This will ensure that the dog knows that he has done something right when he hears the click and see the treat. Just remember that with a treat, we mean dog treats. Don’t give them human treats. This is unhealthy for them. Yes, some people are training a dog without treats, but this is a much harder approach.

Your dog should be in the mood for training

An active dog or a tired dog will not be in the mood for teaching. Especially, if you want to teach a dog trick to your dog. He needs to be calm, awake and alert. The moment that he loses interest, you should make sure that you stop with the training.

To become frustrated, because your dog doesn’t learn the new trick, won’t help at all. Dogs also have moods to consider. If the dog is in a playing mood, or tired, then teaching him, won’t work at all. Always start with the commands and tricks he already knows before training. This will give you an indication if the dog is in the mood for training or not.

Patients and a lot of time is needed

To teach dog tricks, you need to have a lot of patients. This isn’t something that the dog will learn within a day or two. If you have the patients, there is one thing that you still need to consider.

You should have the time as well. To try to teach your dog a trick before work isn’t going to work. Time is significant. The dog can sense if you are in a hurry, and you will not succeed in any way. Setting about an hour aside for training per day is recommended. This isn’t too much learning at a time, and you will not try to speed things up to get to your other appointment.

He needs to learn his name first with basic commands

You have a new dog, and you are really seeing forward to teach a dog trick to your new dog. But, before you can do this, you should make sure that he recognizes his name and that he knows a couple of basic commands. Then, you can start thinking about teaching some dog tricks.

It is also important to know that there is a vast difference between dog commands and dog tricks. And, that dog commands should be learning, before you start with the tricks.

Don’t get mad with your dog during training

It can become frustrating to teach dog tricks. However, you need to make sure that you don’t get mad to your dog during practice. They can feel that you are mad and that you are getting frustrated. Then, the dog is going to lose interests in learning, and won’t trust you anymore. The moment that you feel that you are getting angry, you should stop and play with your dog instead.

You can know easy dog tricks, but if you don’t know how to teach a dog tricks, then you won’t succeed. There are different ways on how you can show your dog tricks. But, then you need to remember these tips and secrets. And, remember that some dogs are learning commands and tricks a lot faster and easier than other dogs. With patience, love,and attention, you will succeed with learning dog tricks and commands.

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