How to Take a Stress-Free Vacation as a Pet Parent


Did you know 38.4 percent of American households own a dog?

If you’re a dog parent, you know how challenging it can be when you’re in the process of planning a vacation. However, when you need a vacation, you need to find the best option for your dog.

Read on to learn how to travel as a pet parent guilt-free.

Are You Taking Your Dog on a Road Trip?

If you’re taking your trip on a cross-country trip, it’s important to plan because they have different needs than you. Even if they’re in your company, your dog can still get stressed in the car.

Don’t Let Your Dog Roam Free

Even if you’re taking a short drive, you should never let your dog roam free in the car. To ensure your pet travels safely in the car, you should never allow them to roam free.

If your dog roams free in the car, it could distract the driver or get severely injured in case of an accident. Ensure your pet travels in a car-friendly crate, or you get the proper dog seat belt or restraint.

Never in the Front Seat

The front seat is not the safest place for a child, and the same holds for a dog. Not only can your dog distract you if you’re driving, but they can get severely injured by the airbag.

Even if your dog is small and put them in a travel carrier, the front seat is no place for a dog.

Stop as Necessary

If you take your dog on a road trip, make sure you make the necessary stops. Not only will they need to use the bathroom, but they will also need to burn off some energy.

Your car should have the proper leash, collar, and ID tag before you let them out of the car in a strange place.

Are You Traveling by Plane?

If you’re traveling by plane with your dog, make sure you take the necessary precautions. Air travel can be stressful for dogs, so make sure your dog is a good candidate.

For example, brachycephalic dogs with the pushed-in face have a tough time with oxygen levels on the plane.

If you must take your dog on the plane, it’s best if they can travel in the cabin with you. However, this is only the case if you have a small dog you can stow under the seat.

Some airlines restrict the number of pets that can travel in the cabin during the flight, so ensure you reserve their ticket in advance.

Pay a visit to your vet before you take your dog on a plane. You will want to ensure they’re in good health and current with their shots. You should also prepare to take your dog through security and use the correct leash and harness.

Do You Have to Leave Your Dog?

Although you might like to bring your pet on vacation with you, it’s not possible to do it all of the time. Bringing your dog might not be an option if you’re traveling internationally or have an anxious dog.

If you must leave your dog at home while exploring a new destination, you must learn your options.

Find a Pet Sitter

If your dog doesn’t thrive in an unfamiliar environment, you should consider hiring a pet sitter to stay with your dog. When you’re not there, your dog may find comfort in being in its own environment.

You can either hire a pet sitter to spend the entire day with your dog or spend quality time. Some people only have pet sitters stop by to feed their dog meals, take them on walks, or keep them company for a few hours.

Try In-Home Pet Boarding

If you’re not comfortable having a pet sitter come into your home, you should give in-home pet boarding a try. In-home pet boarding is a type of service that allows your pet to be in a home environment.

You will take your dog to the home of a trusted pet-sitter while you’re on vacation. Unlike living them in a kennel, your dog will feel most at home under the supervision of an in-home sitter.

Chances are your dog will get more attention and socialization than leaving them in a kennel.

Traditional Kennel

Traditional kennels are another option to leave your dog while you go on vacation, but these are not people’s first choice for those with anxious dogs. Unlike in-home boarding, there’s nothing familiar about staying at a kennel. If you’ve taken your dog to daycare in the past, they won’t have an issue with a kennel.

While your dog will be fed regular meals, get exercise, and playtime, they will likely sleep in a crate or pet apartment. Ensure your dog is familiar with a crate before boarding them.

If you have a really active dog, you might have to pay extra for additional walks or exercise.

Because your dog will be exposed to other dogs, make sure you leave them at a reputable kennel. Ensure the kennel is strict about vaccination requirements. For example, ensures your dog has a five-star stay every time.

Leave Your Dog With a Friend or Family Member

For most dog owners, leaving their dog with a friend or family member is the best choice. Ask someone you know if they could watch over your dog while you go on vacation.

If this is an option for your pet, make sure they become familiar with the person and environment before leaving them there. It’s a good idea to do a test run to see how they will climate to the new environment.

Are You Ready to Travel as a Pet Parent?

Now that you know how to travel as a pet parent safely, you’re ready to hit the road.

Whether you’re traveling with your dog or leaving them at home, it’s important you ensure their calmness and safety. If you travel by car or plane, ensure your dog is secured, in good health, and get plenty of breaks. If you must leave them at home, leave them with a trusted adult or hire the services of a kennel.

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