How To Select The Best Dog Food For Your Canine


Out of the many, only the best pet store Dubai provides you with almost every kind of pet product that you can imagine. Whether it’s your dog’s food from a certain brand or some toys for your furball to play with, you can get almost every type of thing your pet needs.

When it comes to the health of your pet, you would always look for the best kind of dog food Dubai as it is the food that determines a large part of his health. But with so many food options in the pet store, it becomes quite difficult for you to pick the best. In this article, we shall be providing some simple guidelines to help you with the decision of what to feed your dog. Take a look.

Before selecting the dog food for your canine from a good pet store Dubai, always keep in mind it’s dietary needs. Follow the tips below:

  • Keep in mind the age and activity level of your dog: the nutritional needs of your dog depend on various factors including his age, physical activity, growth, and reproductive status. Every pet food is designed to be fed at a certain life stage of the pet, covering the nutritional need of your pet during that time. Hence you can pick the right dog food from the store.
  • Decide the nutritional requirements of your dog: before you go out to select the best dog food for your pet, you must always determine his nutritional needs and daily diet requirements. You should think about its caloric needs. But ensure that not one type of nutrient (proteins, carbohydrates) fills up those. Taking the help of your vet is the best bet. He can help you in selecting the best food for your dog.

Tips for picking the right dog food

  • Let TV ads not fool you: there are many cute commercials and advertising pictures in magazines that may just fool you and convince you about purchasing a certain dog food. But dog food with labels like ‘premium’, or ‘natural’ or ‘gourmet’ or some other such fancy word is only used for selling the product. Always ensure that the dog food Dubai that you pick is recognized by the dog food manufacturers.
  • Canned or dry dog food:  you can get two types of dog food in every pet store Dubai, wet or canned food and dry food. You can pick either of them depending on your budget and the food choice of your pet. Most of the dogs are fine with either of the food types, but some of them show symptoms of indigestion like vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore you should pick one very carefully considering the digestive system of your canine.
  • Check the list of ingredients: being omnivorous, your dog has the capacity to eat meat, grains, as well as vegetables. However to top of the ingredient list must be a meat like chicken or beef. Meat is the source of proteins required by every dog. And if the word beef or chicken at the top of the ingredient list then it would suggest the meat is primarily a muscle tissue.
  • Check for the amount of protein, fat, and fiber: on the sides of most dog foods bags include the amount of feed to be given to your canine. However, this instruction should only be used as a basic guideline and you must also monitor your pet’s body condition after feeding the recommended amount. Check for the amount of all the nutrient contents in the bag like proteins, fats, and fiber and ensure that it matches with the recommendation of your vet.
  • Choose the freshest pack of dog food: once you have chosen the particular type of food for your dog to buy, make sure it also is fresh. Check for the best before date on the pack. Also, check if the bag has any holes or a broken seal. Another thing to keep in mind is to buy a lesser quantity of dog food for the growing pups as their nutritional needs change frequently.

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