How To Prevent Your Cat from Danger When Living Near a Main Road


There are many dangers that your cat faces when you’re living near a main road. These risks include road traffic accidents, territorial disputes, and exposure to predators. Among these risks, road traffic accidents are the leading causes of cat deaths. You wouldn’t want to lose your furry friend through avoidable circumstances, would you?

Here are some handy tips to help you protect your cat from danger when living near a main road. Read on.

Keep Your Cats Indoors at Night

Train your cat to stay indoors during the night. By doing so, you will protect it from the possible road accidents that happen during the night. You can achieve this by setting the feeding time to be after sunset.

Once the cat realises that mealtime is at sundown, it will be home around this time. This is an excellent strategy for ensuring your cat is indoors at night. If the nearby road is busy during the morning hours, ensure your cat is indoors during such hours.  

Get a Pet Insurance

Your cat can be involved in a road accident even in a less busy street. By arranging for cat insurance cover with a provider such as Petsure, you’ll not have to worry about emergency vet fees. This cover will cater to all the veterinary treatment costs for a pre-existing condition and emergency cases.

You can also include a “Missing Pet” cover policy when buying a pet insurance policy. This policy will cover all recovering costs associated with tracing up your cat. And if it’s not recovered within thirty days, you’ll receive compensation equivalent to the cover amount or market value of your cat.

Neuter Your Cat

One of the best ways of stopping your cat from roaming outside is to neuter it. Neutering cats gives them less desirable to look for mates, especially male cats. They’ll not be involved in fights with other cats, reducing their chances of getting injuries. Neutering female cats also stop unwanted pregnancies.

Fit Them a Reflective Collar

At times the cat may find its way out of the house or yard and onto the main road. Fitting them with a reflective collar will help drivers see your cat from a distance, even at night or in poor lights. This protects your cat from being involved in traffic accidents, especially at night.

However,  when investing in a reflective collar, choose a break-away style. Such a collar will save your cat from injuries if it traps itself in the fence.

Are All Cats Exposed to Traffic Accidents?

Some cats have higher exposure to traffic accidents than others. Highly-exposed cats are:

  • Young and unneutered cats (especially males) living near main roads are at high risk of being hit by traffic as they’re roaming in search of mates.
  • Cats that roam outside at night are at high risk of being injured or hit by a car.
  • Cats living near main roads are at higher risk than those in areas with no main roads.

Cats love to explore and get into areas that may be harmful. When living near the main road,  there are many dangers that your cat faces. Follow the tips above to keep your furry friend safe from harm.

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