How To Leash Train Your Cat


Cats do whatever they want when they want, and love to be in control of situations. They are typically not fans of being controlled or contained, thus leash training your cat may have been the furthest thing from your mind. Cats do enjoy the outdoors, though, and can enjoy the experience when they are used to wearing a harness or a leash.

Training a cat to walk on a harness is easiest when the cat is still young. However, an adult cat of any age can still be trained to enjoy walking on a leash. But you may be asking: why train your cat to walk on a leash? Continue reading on The Refine Feline to find out the 5 reasons why you should consider leash training your cat.

#1 Bonding Through Leash Training

Ever wish you had a feline companion when you go for a walk? Well, once you help train your cat on a harness it’s possible! And the experience can be a ton of excitement and fun for the two of you. Cats enjoy taking in the sights from the window all day. They will equally (if not more) enjoy getting out and exploring their surroundings, plus they’d also get some fresh air.

If you’ve been walking dogs for most of your life, keep in mind that you should approach leash training your cat differently. The leash training process can take longer with a cat, and before you even take them outside, you will want to get your cat used to a cat harness indoors. Ensure that the equipment you buy is specifically for cats, not for small dogs. Choose a quiet and calm environment and don’t stray too far from home when you do finally make it outside.

#2 Your Cat Will Experience Nature More

If you are like many cat parents, you know the various threats of outdoor life and choose to keep your cats indoors. But you may ponder on whether your cats still long to explore the great outdoors. While they can certainly be happy indoors, being exposed to the natural world can be valuable for any creature! When a cat is leash trained, they can experience nature every day safely and in a controlled manner. It’s also a great way to experience the outdoors more often for yourself. To really give an indoor cat the best of both worlds, leash training is the way to go!

#3 Leash Training Is Beneficial If You Travel With Your Cat

If you and your cat tend to travel together, the easiest and safest way to travel with your cat is through leash training your cat. If you are traveling by plane, you’ll potentially have to take your cat completely out of the carrier while at security. This can be very stressful for your cat, so it is much safer with a leash on. Leash training can come in handy if you are driving across the country too. Having a cat that is used to being on a leash is safer whenever you are in a new environment. Cats can become easily agitated or scared, which may lead them to bolt or hide at any moment. Having a way to control them and keep them safe is always a great idea when you’re traveling with your cat.

#4 Enrich Your Cat’s Life With Leash Training

Dogs get to go for walks, which gives them the chance to smell new things and explore different territory. Walking also stimulates most dogs and gives them an opportunity to release pent up energy. Your cat would love to do all of this too! And why should dogs be able to have all the fun outside? The sky’s the limit when you leash train cats, as they can enjoy exploring as well!

#5 In An Apartment? Leash Train Your Cat

Most cats could benefit from having extra space to run and play, especially if they’re in an apartment or smaller living space! If they are trained on a leash, you can suit them up in a harness for exercise around the apartment grounds. Leash training your cat allows for more flexibility if you happen to live somewhere that does not have a fenced-in area for your cat to roam.

Be Safe When Leash Training Your Cat

Be cautious and aware of your surroundings when taking your harness trained cat outside. Ideally, bring your cat to a backyard or small private area where you won’t encounter many loud or strange noises. If you go to a busy or loud area you could encounter dogs or other equally uncomfortable situations for your cat. Just in case your cat starts to get nervous, remember to bring a carrier or cat backpack along with you. Being responsible when walking your cat is the right thing to do.

Whether Leash Training Your Cat Is Right For You

When is a good time for you to start leash training your cat? Since dog owners have been doing it for ages, it’s now time for the cats to share in the fun! A great way to unleash the adventurous nature of your indoor cat is through leash training, and it will help keep them healthy, happy, and stimulated.

Make sure your cat is up-to-date on vaccines and has updated identification tags before you bring your indoor cat outdoors. And just to be on the safe side, make sure your cat is microchipped and that information is updated. Otherwise, enjoy walking and experiencing the great outdoors with your cat!

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