How to keep your puppy healthy and hearty


The first time you decide to bring a puppy into your life, you are going towards a new direction. It is an exciting time, but you need to learn about to raise it. They are just like humans and require dedication as well as patience to take care of them. You have to set a schedule and feed them on time too so that they have a balanced diet. According to and, here are a few top tips on how you can keep your puppy healthy, hearty and give them a long life.

  • Talk to a vet – When you get a new puppy, the first thing to do is to take them for a proper full checkup at the vet. Their de-worming, immunizations and other health checkups are essential. You will also get a full background on the breed as well as what nutrition will suit them the best.
  • Feeding routine – When you have a feeding routine, it will automatically set their bathroom schedule. Now, puppies may have episodes around the house more than expected. They will take bathroom breaks after every 2 to 4 hours, unlike a mature dog. With the help of a proper eating routine, you can toilet train them easily, and they will learn quickly too. Invest in puppy pads, grass mats for stool, and sprays that remove any odor so that your pup doesn’t pee in the same area.
  • Right food equals to right nutrition – Every breed has a different type of food according to their size and nutrition level required. A vet is a perfect person to guide you with which food and puppy treats may suit your dog the best. Not every dog can have the pedigree, and your puppy should not have homemade food such as rice or milk all the time. It is better to stick to dog food rather than other items.
  • Puppy friends – Yes, it is best to start introducing your little one to other pets around. When they are about 4 to 6 months old, you can take them outside to gardens and help them mingle with other dogs. In this way, they will be used to have new people or animals around and be less aggressive too. The key to raising a well-mannered dog is to let them be around others and socialize.
  • Exercise is a must – Playing with your dog doesn’t just create a strong bond, but it is essential for the puppy too. They have an endless amount of energy and instead of having them remove this on biting furniture or destroying things in the house, exercise with them! When they are fit and have a healthy regime, they will live a longer life. You can take them for walks, make them run in the garden, play fetch with them and more.

We love our dogs and want them to have the longest life, but if you are careless, they might end up with health hazards. Follow these five essential tips to give your puppy a beautiful long life!

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