How to Keep Your Dogs Safe This Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner. Moreover, as much as you want to enjoy it like you used to, if you have a pet, you must know the most important responsibilities and the things that will jeopardize their safety.

This might be the happiest time for people. Also, it should be a festive time for pets too. The only way to ensure that is to make sure they’re safe. For first-time pet owners, it’s imperative to know the specifics so your pet’s health won’t suffer at all.

Here’s what you need to know:

Be aware of what they’re allowed to it and what they aren’t allowed to eat

According to, candies and sweetened treats can be harmful to dogs. What’s yummy and scrumptious for humans might have a different effect on your pets. Things you should avoid include chocolate, and xylitol-sweetened treats, raw dough, and uncooked meat. It’ll also be bad if you’re going to give them real bones. This can cause splinters that will become the reason for severe injuries.

House Guest rules.

If you’re having guests over, it’s important to consider your pets. They might be good at socializing people. However, if you don’t host parties often, they’d feel that many individuals are invading their private space. This will not end well. Instruct your guest what they should do and what they shouldn’t do, like trying to feed the dog with leftovers. Letting kids play with the pets unsupervised will be dangerous. You can also create a specific space for them and make sure the guests don’t venture on that area.

If you aren’t confident, don’t host a party altogether and be considerate with your pets.

Proper Trash Disposal.

Keep the receptacles adequately covered. Also, ensure that the lid is secured so they won’t easily budge, even when your dogs decide to ‘inspect’ what’s inside the can.

Pet-proofed decorations and spaces.

Christmas is a festive season that it’s very easy to get carried away with the different decorations. This is something your dog won’t understand. So, if a particular decor catches their interest, you can kiss the Christmas tree goodbye. Try to lay off on the shiny stuff. If you’re going to have a tree, make sure it’s sturdy enough.

Most importantly, always keep emergency contacts for vet clinics and hospital with you always.  To know more about basic dog tips and how to’s you can visit


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