How to Keep Your Dog Healthy During Coronavirus Lockdowns


Tough times call for tougher measures. In the past few months, the world has been brought to its knees by the Corona menace. Most, if not all industries, including transportation, health, and food industry have been severely affected.

Today, a vast majority of countries in the world are on lockdown. While the lockdown itself is a stringent measure to curb the spread of coronavirus, it goes a long way in changing your normal life routine, not forgetting your pet as well.

Pets are basically in-house beings. They spend most of their time either in your house or within your compound. While this might be the case, the lockdown comes as a blessing to dog pets, who would be delighted to have some company around. This cannot be said for the cats though.

Remember that you will have little or no time (depending on the nature of your lockdown) to walk your dog around the park. Additionally, your dog might be bored of eating the same food every now and then. These aspects and many more can severely affect the health of your dog.

But how do you ensure that your dog remains healthy during the lockdown? It’s of utmost importance to ensure that your furry friend not only remains comfortable but healthy as well. Read along to find out how you can accomplish this.

Optimum Nutrition

One of the most important elements to keeping any dog healthy is proper nutrition. The diet you choose for your dog directly affects the outcome of your dog’s skin, energy level, coat, weight, among many other body essentials.

So, if your dog portrays a problem in any one of these areas, you can stand assured that it is in one way or another related to the food your dog eats.

To ensure that your dog remains healthy during the lockdown, you should ensure to pick dog food such as Purina Pro Plan Salmon And Rice dog food, high quality, and nutritious diet. This, and other diets, supports a long, active and healthy life.

While at it, you should ensure to buy the food in bulk. This will ensure that your dog remains well-fed all through the lockdown period. After all, you can never be too sure whether you will get another chance soon to visit the stores!

Ensure to Take Your Dog to The Vet

Just like humans, professional vet care and management set the basic standards for your dog’s overall health. However, while ensuring that your dog gets expert veterinary care is important, you may wonder how this can be possible during the lockdown.

Basically, your dog should see a veterinarian once every 6 months to a year. This means that you will have ample time to schedule a meeting with your vet.

Start off by carrying out in-depth research of an expert vet in your vicinity. Once you identify the best vet, reach out to schedule a meeting for your dog.

It’s still unclear the extent to which Coronavirus can affect dogs. Due to this, it’s of utmost importance to ensure that your dog remains safe at all times. Make sure that your vet administers the heartworm vaccine to your dog. Your vet should also advise you on the best ways to prevent ticks and fleas.

Regular Exercise

The lockdown due to Corona means that both you and your dog will have very little time to move around. Your dog will be fatigued, gain weight, and might even be depressed. These are serious recipes to a serious condition.

Therefore, you should ensure to find means to regularly exercise your dog. If you have a large compound or yard behind your house, ensure to take your dog outdoors daily to exercise.

However, if you are confined in an apartment with no room for ample physical activity, you can carry out regular minimal exercises indoors.

Remember that when your dog is bored, it tends to act out due to excess energy accumulation. This is a destructive behavior that often leads to anxiety diagnosis.

Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to ensure that your dog exercises regularly to maintain a healthy body, regardless of the current corona lockdown.

Watch for Warning Signs

While the lockdown can be devastating, it not only gives you ample time with your dog, but you also get a chance to know your dog better.

Since your dog cannot express itself in words, you should always be wary of any signs that might indicate your dog is ill.

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