How To Create A Pet-Friendly Garden


There are several different ways that you are going to be able to have a pet-friendly garden. There are lots of services which will make sure that everything is designed to your exact specification. Once the work has been completed, you and your pet are going to be able to reap the benefits for many years to come.

How can a pet-friendly garden be created for you by a professional?

The Gardener Will Choose Plants Which Are Non-Hazardous To Your Pet’s Health

Certain plants, such as hyacinth and narcissus, will be avoided when the gardener is planting in your garden during the refurbishment. This is because certain types of flowers can be fatal to your dog.

Plants which are pet-friendly can be planted by companies who specialise in garden maintenance services so that your animals are able to fully explore without the threat of being poisoned.

Depending on your personal preference, these plants and flowers can be vibrantly coloured so that they catch your eye and enhance your mood every time that you step out into the garden.

The Gardener Will Put Spiky Plants Around The Vegetables

You may have decided that you are going to have a vegetable patch in your garden. You will want your pets to play in the garden at the same time, so this means that the gardener can put a small patch of spiky plants around the vegetables. The plants are going to act as a deterrent so that the pet is motivated to explore a different part of the garden.

The Gardener Will Plant Flowerbeds Which Are Out Of The Pet’s Path

Pets love to run around the garden when they have a buildup of energy to release so you should tell the gardener about how the pet runs around the garden. They will then place the flower beds out of the way so that the pet is not going to trample on them at all.

The Gardener Will Put In Some Tall Plants or Hanging Baskets

If your garden is already fairly small, then ideally you don’t want to use up what little space you have planting flowerbeds that will further reduce the amount of space your pet has to run around. As an alternative, the gardener can add hanging flower baskets and some taller slimmer plants and flowers which give your pet the amount of room they need.

This is preferable to having them run over your flowers and plants because they cannot otherwise get out of the way.

The Gardener Will Install Plants That The Animal Is Attracted To

Sometimes you will just want to relax and have a little time to yourself to enjoy your garden. You can have areas that your pet is instinctively attracted to, so the gardener will create a patch with certain plants and flowers for them. You will find that after an initial outburst of energy your pet will often retreat to those specific areas and give you a little time to relax.

Article Summation

You can hire a gardener to make your garden even more pet-friendly than it already is, so make sure that you compare several different services before you choose the person who is going to complete the transformation.

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