How to Combine Gardening and Farming in Your Home


People often think that gardening and farming are two different hobbies. Some people would associate gardening with non-edible plants, and farming is for those items given to groceries and supermarkets.

Did you know that you can combine gardening and farming in your lot area? If you have a spacious yard, you can take care of animals, edible plants, and gardening plants all at the same time. All it takes is a matter of strategy and direction of how you want you to have your garden-farm hybrid. This article highlights the steps you need to make this possible.

Prioritize soil quality for farming

If you were to divide your lot into a gardening and farming area, you need to pick the fertile land for farming. This is because you want your crops to produce a good harvest, especially if you want to use these food items for profit, or to feed your family.

Some portions of a lot have a rocky or sandy soil, and some parts are abundant with fertile soil. This is where you would want your farming land to be. Gardening can come second, as you can adjust the fertility of the soil and the types of plants that can grow later. This is a cost-effective initial strategy you need to take.

Have a systemized irrigation system

If you don’t have an irrigation system installed yet in your lot, you may want to consider hiring an irrigation installation service. This means that they will lay out the pipes you need to water your crops and plants. Additionally, it will remove the burden for you to manually water your plants in both areas.

Have a separate barn for animals

Planning to own animals aside from your crops must be thought carefully. Although some animal excretions are good ways to have a fertile soil on your farm, you still need to keep them relatively separate to avoid them trampling over your crops.

Other risks include contamination through pests and germs, as well as crop damage if your animals try to feed on the plants you are trying to harvest. A fenced portion, a locked-up barn with Horse Bedding Pellets, or a chicken coup will be a good play to stay for your farm animals.

Complement your harvest planning for maximum profit

If you want maximum profit for your garden-farm hybrid, you can try planning initially to harvest those plants and breeding animals which complement each other. For example, you can try planting corn and other seeds to lessen expenses with your chicken feed, or alternatively, you harvest plants that your pigs and cows can eat.

Gardening and farming is a truly rewarding hobby, especially if you dedicate the right amount of time and effort to make it grow. Although it is not a profession for all people, it is one of the indispensable jobs that anyone can have. Not only will you get the benefit or eating your own harvest, you can also can improve agriculture in your local community.

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