How to Attract Birds to Your Yard: 9 Helpful Tips


Did you know that there are an estimated 200 to 400 billion birds on earth? However, bird species are declining rapidly with 14% of all birds expected to become extinct by 2100.

Are you interested in helping the bird population in your own backyard? Learn how to attract birds to your yard with the tips in the guide below. Keep reading to learn what they are.

  1. Use Bird Feeders

Adding bird feeders to your yard is one of the best ways to start seeing more birds. If birds can come to your yard to get their food each day, they’re more likely to keep visiting you.

Consider adding a few different styles of feeders to attract different kinds of birds. If you want to learn how to attract birds to a bird feeder you need to consider using different types of food too. Some birds prefer seeds while others prefer mealworms.

While some birds feel more comfortable going to a feeder high in the trees others prefer eating on the ground. Make sure to keep your feeders clean by throwing out old seeds and washing them as much as possible.

  1. Add Some Native Plant Species

Creating a natural environment is one of the best ways to attract birds. Having a few trees, bushes, shrubs, and flowers will help birds find shelter. They feel protected from predators and find space to nest in this type of environment.

Planting trees that grow berries, nuts, or seeds provide food and shelter for many species of birds. Make sure you’re only using native species to your region so that you don’t disrupt the local ecology.

  1. Keep Your Grass a Little Longer

A well-manicured lawn might look aesthetically pleasing but it won’t feel very inviting to native birds. While you don’t have to let your grass look unkempt, you’ll benefit from letting it grow a little longer.

More grass serves as protection for birds as they search for seeds they can eat in your grass. Allowing your grass to grow along with some native plant species can also help maintain a healthy population of native insects.

These insects are necessary for birds to feed their young and will keep them coming back to your yard.

  1. Add a Few Bird Baths

Adding bird baths to your yard is another way to attract more birds. Birds need water to drink and bathe themselves so a birdbath is a perfect way to provide that for them.

Birds are curious creatures and installing a source of moving water is one way to learn how to attract birds to a birdbath. You can add a mister or circulating pump to your birdbath. You can also consider adding a waterfall for even more attention from local birds.

Make sure to keep the water clean by changing it every day so the birds always have access to refreshing, clean water.

  1. Install Birdhouses Too

Birdhouses are another way to provide shelter for birds and get more of them to visit your backyard. Birdhouses allow birds to create their nests without the fear of predators reaching their eggs.

The size of the entrance will determine what kind of birds uses your birdhouses. While not all birds use birdhouses to create their nests many of them do.

Wondering how to attract birds to a birdhouse? Consider leaving brush piles around your yard with leaves and twigs. Birds use these materials to create their nests.

  1. Avoid Chemicals

Many of the chemicals used in pesticides are both harmful to the environment and the animals in it. These chemicals can be toxic for birds so avoiding them is best.

While you might be worried about pest and weed infestations, birds are a natural form of pest control. Birds eat insects and seeds that fall from the plants in your yard and in doing this help contain the population of insects and growth of weeds.

  1. Birds Like Bright Colors

Another way to attract birds is by using bright colors in your yard. Birds are attracted to these colors and are more likely to visit your home if you provide lots of colors for them to see.

Red is one popular color for birds, consider choosing a red bird feeder. Orange and yellow are other bright colors known to attract birds, so you can choose to add these colors to your outdoor decor.

You can also choose native plants that come in a variety of bright colors to increase the number of birds visiting your yard.

  1. Perching Sticks Work Too

Birds need time to rest and preen their feathers. While they can do this in trees or shrubs in your backyard, you should consider a few perching sticks too.

These perching sticks can provide additional places for birds to stop and rest. Once they’ve taken the time to survey the scene they might feel more comfortable flying up to the bird feeders you’ve installed too.

You can purchase perching sticks in bright colors to more easily attract birds to your yard.

  1. Make Sure to Squirrel Proof

Learn how to attract birds to your garden by squirrel-proofing it too. Squirrels might take over the bird feeders by scaring the birds away and eating all the food you’ve left out for them.

You can add a wire mesh around your bird feeders to help keep the squirrels away. Another option is to add grease to the bird feeder pole to keep squirrels from climbing up.

Learn How to Attract Birds to Your Yard With These Tips

Learn how to attract birds to your yard by following the tips in the guide above. Installing bird feeders and birdbaths to provide food and water are some of the best ways to attract more birds.

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