Health Issues Associated High Protein Dog Food


While buying food for your dog, make sure that you do not buy anything that is related to soy and corn. This is because dogs aren’t good at digesting high protein that comes from these stuffs.

Most pet owners say that vets advice to feed their dogs with high protein, as it plays a very important part in the overall health, maintenance and growth of the dog. For a better and healthy dog, proteins are an integral part of the diet. However, this also come with some health risks, especially when the amount of protein gets out of limit for your pet. Here follows some of the health anxiety that your dog may face because of high protein intake.


Excessive amount of protein intake can prove to be a contradictory factor for making dogs more aggressive and hyperactive. It may make the behavioral problems much worse for the dogs. Dogs require proteins to satisfy their need for energy, but too much of it can become a reason for hyperactivity behavior.


Mismatch between the amounts of activity a dog performs and the quantity of protein intake can make your pet gain extra weight, which can further lead it to suffer from obesity. Thus, your pet’s activity level is very crucial because it determines the amount of his protein intake. Apply your common sense; a highly active dog would obviously require food with high protein, whereas a dog that isn’t much active won’t require that level of protein.

Kidney Problems:

Pet owners should be careful about their dogs while providing them protein, especially when they are suffering from pre-kidney problems. Though, kidneys don’t filter proteins, the “metabolism” of protein manufactures waste items that one needs to eliminate. Thus, high proteins put excessive strain on kidney. This can become worse, if you’re dog is already suffering from kidney issues.

Vets have been threatening pet owners about the worse effect of this protein if supplied at a higher level. They alert them about the various diseases that the pets can come across by consuming huge amount of protein. However, recent studies say that protein does not affect pets much if they are supplied at a limited amount.

To protect your pet from all the above-mentioned health effects, you should depend more upon natural diet and less upon the commercial ones. This is because commercial food won’t state how much amount of protein they have included in the food. Provide natural food items to your dog and keep him at its best shape. Online pet shops in South Africa provide customers with natural food items that are not only healthy, but also not much high in protein. On demand, you can also get food of high protein from them.

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