Give Your Pets a Holiday While You Are Away


Whenever you need to leave your home for more than a few hours, it may be tempting to ask a friend or family member to watch your pet. While this may be a valid solution when you will only be gone for a day, if you will be spending any extended time away, you should call a kennel or cattery into the equation. Catteries and kennels allow your pets to receive excellent care while you are away, giving you peace of mind during your travels. In fact, there are many benefits that come with this option, and you will be glad you considered it once you return home.

Expert Care

Your friend may be capable of putting food and water out when your pet needs it, but they are unlikely to know enough about your dog or cat to determine when something is wrong. An expert caregiver knows when a cat or dog is healthy, and they know what behaviour is normal for a dog or cat in a new environment. In addition, they will focus their entire attention on the care of your animal, meaning that they will receive care from someone all day long. A friend has other responsibilities and will often have no choice but to leave your dog or cat alone during part of the day. Swindon boarding kennels and catteries allow your pet to exercise and have fun during their entire stay.

Peace of Mind

Many pet owners choose not to leave the home if they know they cannot bring their pet along with them, but this is no way to live. Rather than locking yourself in your home, simply consider a cattery or kennel to ensure your pet is in good hands while you travel. Whether you need to leave for business, on holiday or to visit friends or family, your pet will enjoy every moment of your time away. The constant care and attention they receive will allow you to enjoy peace of mind while you sail across the sea on a cruise or sit in an important work seminar. Whatever you need to do while away, your pet will be returned in healthy and happy condition upon your return.

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