Every Kid Should Have A Pet


The chances are that almost everyone who is reading this also had a pet when they were growing up, and so you must also know that with a furry friend comes great responsibility, including medical care. If your pet has any issues, feel free to contact a professional vet clinic in North Wahroonga or any other veterinary clinic in your area.

Growing up with a pet has made you into a better person, believe it or not. Pets offer unconditional and uncomplicated relationships, and they will always give you love. They do not judge us, and they never will, which is what makes that relationship so beautiful. Many parents think that pets are not good for their kids, for a number of different reasons, and here you will learn what the truth actually is.

Cats love to play and they will always find a way to sleep in your lap

Caring for pets

First of all, teaching your children about how to be responsible can be quite difficult, because at an early age what they all really want is to have fun. Well, by having a pet around, they can learn how to be responsible while having fun at the same time.

Teach your kids to have a routine, a certain time during the day to fill the dog’s food and water bowl, or clean the cat’s litter. This will help them connect more with their pets, and have a sense of responsibility as well.

Respect and empathy are very important

Another thing that pets can help your children learn is about empathy towards others. Pets will love us unconditionally, and because of this kids are able to better understand empathy, which can help them later in life.

On the other hand, kids who grew up with pets are more respectful to their peers and people older than them. But, if you will have a pet in your home, you need to give them proper medical care, so you might want to visit a reputable vet nary hospital, such as gordonvet.com.au. Inform yourself about all the necessities and expenses of taking care of your pet.

Dogs are very loyal to their owners and they offer unconditional love

A healthier life

While parents usually jump to conclusions that pets are not good for small children because they are ‘dirty’, that is false. In reality, the amount of dirt that they transfer to your kids is a healthy amount, that will eventually make your children’s immune system much stronger.

Not to mention the fact that there was a research that proved that kids who grew up with a pet were less likely to develop any kind of allergies later in life, and they were overall healthier. This just proves that owning a pet is good for both their physical and mental health.


Since pets will never judge you, they are also known to boost your children’s self-esteem and that is very important for our young ones. In addition, if your child has anxiety, is depressed or has very poor social skills, a pet in the house can help them a lot.

Pets will bring the whole family together, and because of their quirky personalities, they will make you laugh a lot. All the activities that revolve around your pet will keep you distracted from all the stress in your life.

Final word

Owning a pet and allowing your kids to play with them is very important, for both the child’s physical and mental health. However, you should know that pet ownership should not be taken lightly. If you cannot afford to pay for necessary vaccinations and other important medical bills, you should not even consider having a pet.

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