Essential Things To Carry When Travelling With Your Dog


Whether you are going for a road trip, beach vacation, a camping trip, or flying with your pet dog, there are things you must always carry to ensure your dog is comfortable during the whole time. Plus, dogs can make perfect travel companions when you have everything they need on board. So, as you pack your travel bags, have your dog in mind and include the essential things it will need. Here are some of the essentials you should pack for your dog when traveling with it.

A crate or harness

It is important to confine your dog when traveling with it to avoid any distractions that may be risky to both of your lives. Use a crate or harness but ensure you stop from time to time to et your dog stretch up or go to the bathroom. If you are traveling via the train, remember that dogs on trains get so excited and maybe distractive so, confine it if you can’t control it. If you can manage your dog, keep it close to your lap and keep an eye on it.

Vaccination records

Anything can happen during transit, so be sure to carry all your pet’s current vaccination records. That way, when any authority asks for a health certificate for your pet in your destination city, you can readily produce it. Also, research about veterinaries available in your destination city so that you know what to do in case your dog gets sick.

Have lots of poop bags

You don’t want to spend valuable time at the side of the road trying to scoop your pup’s poop with leaves and toilet papers. Avoid that by carrying lots of poop bags.

A leash and tag

Ensure your dog has a leash and a tag. You might want to let your dog free to roam around, but when you have it leashed, that will keep it from getting into a fight with other dogs, a wild animal, or disturb other passengers. Remember, your dog is not familiar with the new location and may get lost so, it’s always safe to have it leashed all the time.

A photo of your dog

Carrying a photo of your dog helps you find it if it gets lost in the new location. A tag also comes in handy when describing your dog so that it’s easy to find it.

Chew sticks

No matter how your dog loves traveling, you never know what their next travel experience will be like. So carry chew sticks to keep your dog busy when it gets stressed or tired during the travel. That can help alleviate some of the traveling stress when you reach your destination.

Grooming items

Carry some essential grooming items such as a brush and doggie wipes when traveling with your dog. You will need to keep your dog well-groomed during your trip, so grooming items are a must carry.

Food and water

Like humans, your dog will get very hungry during the trip. Carry some food and water for them and feed it from time to time. Your dog’s favorite treats come in handy as you want your pet to feel loved during the whole time.

the takeaway

Always research beforehand to ensure the destination you are heading to is pet friendly and carry all the essential items for your dog. Remember not to leave your puppy in a parked car as the temperatures in a closed car peak fast, and that is dangerous to your dog.

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