Do You Need a Lawyer for Paraquat Exposure?


Paraquat, a commonly used herbicide in the US, has been found to pose health hazards for people exposed to the chemical. Various studies suggest prolonged exposure to this herbicide may even lead to Parkinson’s disease – a degenerative disorder that may result in severe mobility problems.

A lawsuit has been recently filed on behalf of the agricultural workers and farmers. They were exposed to this harmful substance for a long time and is known to suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. If you or an acquaintance is suffering due to exposure to Paraquat, talk to a Paraquat lawyer now to find out whether your case merits a lawsuit.

Proposed Bill for Regulation of Pesticides

Congressional Democrats have proposed a bill for the immediate regulation of pesticides. Adopting the Canadian and European standards, the bill aims to ban certain chemical classes. It will also allow local governments to make rules that will help the citizens to file petitions against companies producing such substances or sue them for any irregularities.

The Protect America’s Children From Toxic Pesticides Act is likely to mark a complete overhaul of the pesticide rules followed in the US since 1996. Once passed, it will have the power to enforce action on substances deemed dangerous to human health as well as the environment.

The bill will empower people to sue for a quick review of a pesticide that has not been evaluated in the last 15 years. To implement the plan, the US Environmental Protection Agency must ban all pesticides that have been regulated by the European Union or Canada.

How Will Bill Benefit Farmers?

Agricultural workers and farmers along with environmentalists and Parkinson’s advocacy groups have supported the Bill. Every year, chemical herbicides like Paraquat are sprayed on food crops. It is not only harmful to consumers but, also poses an imminent threat to farmworkers. Once the Act is passed, it is likely to act as a preventive step to curb the menace of Paraquat exposure.

For farmers and other agricultural workers suffering from serious health conditions, it will also act as a platform for redressal. Lawsuits can be filed if your legal rights have been violated and if a substance has caused irreparable damage to your health.

Contact a Lawyer for Paraquat Exposure

If you want to file for compensation, it is essential to get in touch with a Paraquat lawyer immediately. The lawyer’s expertise will help to establish various facts and prepare a strong case in your favor. In most cases, you’ll be up against huge companies. Their lawyers will leave no stone unturned to dismiss your case.

An expert lawyer can make a huge difference to your case. From efficiently filing paperwork to representing you in court, they have the resources to win a case. So, if you have been exposed to Paraquat and have subsequently developed symptoms of Parkinson’s, you may qualify to apply for a lawsuit. Thereafter, your case will be thoroughly assessed and an action plan will be devised.

Contact a local Paraquat lawyer now for any doubts or clarifications regarding this matter.

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