Choosing the Best Kitten Food for Your Kitten


When you welcome a new kitten into your home, it can be one of the happiest days a pet lover will ever have. That tiny ball of fur will be gentle, playful, crazy, wild and will delight you with kitten antics. Through the years, she will grow up being you closest companion and friend. Your very first days with your new kitten are significant. Most rest on finding the best kitten food; so this new friend can grow as well as be healthy.

First decisions

One of the very first decisions you need to make is to find a suitable diet for your kitten. Giving her the appropriate nutrition is one of the most vital features of caring for your new kitten. You might be feeling stunned with all the kitten and cat food choices on the market. Where do you start?

Already weaned

Your kitten will usually have already been weaned when she first arrives at your house. If she is eating a kitten food of high-quality and doing well, it would be best to continue her on that food. Any sudden diet change may lead to gastrointestinal upset and can also create stress while she is adjusting to her new atmosphere. But, if your kitten has been eating a food of lesser-quality, you will need to progressively convert her over to a more suitable kitten food.

Kitten Food or Adult Cat Food

When looking for the best kitten food, it is vital that you find a diet that meets the needs of your rapidly growing kitten. For a kitten’s suitable growth and development, she needs extra, minerals, protein, vitamins and fat, to get a good start in life. The extra protein is necessary for development and growth of muscles that are strong and supporting tissue; fat is vital for fatty acids, as being a carrier of vitamins that are fat-soluble, and for the added calories needed for energy. Minerals are necessary for the development of strong bones and teeth.

Adult food

While any food for adult cats will not harm your kitten, it is selling her short on those extra nutrients she must have for active growth, taking place during the first year of her life. Look for a food for cat that has an AAFCO label which will state that it is complete as well as balanced for growth. Most adult cat foods are essentially suitable for kittens. Therefore it is vital to read the label.

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