Choosing The Best Doggy Daycare For Your Dog


If you’re a busy dog owner who is travelling away for a holiday, leaving your dogs with a quality dog daycare is important. It provides a temporary shelter and a good chance for your dog to have fun and socialise with other dogs in a nurturing environment.

With so many doggy daycare in Australia, it makes choosing the best facility for your dog a tough one. In that regard, below are a few things you need to consider when looking for an ideal facility for your beloved companions:

The Facility Must Be A Safe Environment For Your Dogs

You’ll need to explore deeper at the facilities despite they look beautiful for your dogs to hand around at first glance. It is advisable to take a tour at the facility to get an idea how sanitized and safe it is for your dogs.

These are some factors to consider when judging its safety features:

  • Ventilation – a good facility provides fresh air to dogs. Daycare with good fresh air exchange system definitely earns plus points!

  • Proper Fencing – it is essential to keep your dog safe, especially when separating anxious dogs from over-enthusiastic dogs. With that in mind, make sure that the fencing is strong enough to withstand curious dogs from jumping over. A note to look out for, solid fences are also better at keeping dogs from triggering others.

  • Proper Gating – having double gating can help dogs to get acquainted with each other to improve their comfort nearby.
  • Safe Floors – the flooring is important in creating a safer environment for your dogs. Facilities that have dedicated play areas with either rubber or epoxy floors provide better grip protection for dogs compared to cold concrete.

The Facility Must Have Guided Activities

Knowing about the planned activities for your dogs at the facilities is important too. After all, your dog will be spending some time in the facility. Some facilities offer training and behaviour modification in between playtime, which help improve your dog’s patient.

Consider Daycare Facilities that Offer Grooming and Boarding

Apart from providing a temporary haven for the day, it would be a bonus if the facility offers grooming and boarding services. This is because if you’re planning to go on a holiday for a few days, it is much better to send your dog to a place that they are familiar with, instead of going to another centre, in which your dog will need time to get used to.

The Bottom Line

As much as you would love to be with your beloved dog 24/7, it is unavoidable to have days where you can’t be around with them. With that in mind, sending your beloved dog to a reliable and enriching doggy daycare is the best way to give you peace of mind while you’re away – be it for the afternoon or a few days.

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