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How to Calm a Dog: The Best Tips and Tricks

Calm a Dog

Did you know many dogs have fears and phobias that cause them anxiety? It's true. Some dogs act out because they were subjected to harmful treatment. Others have fears of loud noise or separation even if they have been adequately socialized. Whether you are adopting a shelter pet, raising a new puppy, or

How to Take Care of a Dog: A Basic Guide

All you have to do is take one quick look around the internet to see that everyone loves dogs. We coo over them, we pamper them, we cuddle them, we make memes about them, you name it. And, of course, we welcome our fuzzy friends and overlords into our home. If

Labradoodle Temperament: Should You Get a Labradoodle?

Who doesn't love a cute little puppy to cuddle and play with? Dogs have become more than man's best friend. They have taken their place as an official member of the family. Looking to bring a new furry friend into your home is fun and exciting. Especially when they're as cute

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Raise Chickens for Meat

Are you worried about buying chicken meat from the grocery store? Do you want to make sure your meat comes from chickens with good living conditions and organic feed? If so, you might want to try raising chickens yourself. If you order chicks through the mail, you can have chickens ready

Dog Discussions: Is Presa Canario a Good Family Dog?

Family Dog

Choosing a dog breed is a big decision, especially since certain dogs can be a part of your family for around 20 years. If you have a family, then deciding on the breed can be an even trickier choice. You want to make sure you get a dog that's calm and

Cat Anxiety 101: How to Help Your Furry Friend Cope

If there is a cat in your life that you love with all your heart, you want him or her to be happy and comfortable at all times. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. For a cat, the world can sometimes seem gigantic and confusing, and that can lead to

These Are Some of the Best Exotic Pets to Own

If you’ve been cooped up binging Tiger King in lockdown like the rest of the world, your mind might have drifted to how awesome it would be to have a pet tiger. Ignoring the obvious downside of the possibility of being eaten, exotic pets have been popular for decades. But exotic


Whether you are going for a road trip, beach vacation, a camping trip, or flying with your pet dog, there are things you must always carry to ensure your dog is comfortable during the whole time. Plus, dogs can make perfect travel companions when you have everything they need on