Bulldogs – Why Are They So Prone To Diseases?


Most of the people love to keep pets and bulldogs. These two breed of dogs are one of the most chosen pets these days. These dogs look cute, and thus make preferred choice for many of the pet lovers. The only sad part about these dogs is that they are very much prone to diseases compared to other dog breeds. Most of the bulldogs suffer joint and skin problems, cherry eye, heart stroke, eye issues like entropion etc.

The good news is that you don’t need to feel hesitation in buying bulldogs just because they are prone to diseases. There are professional breeders available out there who can take care of your bulldog and allow you to just enjoy with your this cutest companion without any hassle. However, you should also know about diseases and health risk that your bulldog may suffer, so that you are able to explain it to the breeder.

Few of the common health problems in bulldogs

Breathing problem

Since these dogs have extremely short face, they find it difficult to breathe. Nose of a bulldog is very tiny and sits deeply between its eyes. The small shape and placement of their noses give them trouble while breathing. In addition, these dogs have compressed nostrils too.

Overall, bulldogs have many respiratory problems in comparison with dogs of other breeds.

Hip dysplasia

You will be surprised to know that 72% of bulldogs suffer from such problem. This problem is usually caused due to their broad low and short-legged appearances. Hip dysplasia is also known as malformation in bulldogs. Poor structure of their hips makes it difficult for them to walk too.

Skin problems

Yeast and bacterial infections are common in bulldogs. This is because they have heavy wrinkles on their face, which provide a rich domicile for yeast and bacteria. While other pets do not require that much regular cleaning, it becomes must with bulldogs. Once you bring it home, you are required to take extra care of its cleaning and hygiene issues.

Popularity of bulldogs

You might be wondering why bulldogs are so popular despite of being so prone to diseases. They are popular because of their cute faces and tiny body structure that adds extra cuteness on them. If you have been planning to buy a bulldog for yourself, then the best you can do is get it insured from a trusted insurance company.

Insurance will cover for the money you spent on the treatment of your bulldog and all you would do is enjoy the company of your favourite pet.

English bulldog insurance companies are one of the most popular insurance services, which help you with the maintenance of dog health. You can contact them to buy insurance for your bulldog.

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