Benefits to Using a Mobile Pet Grooming for Your Pet


Where I live there is pet grooming near me, but my dog gets so scare when I drive my car into the groomers parking lot and starts shaking all over. And of course, he does – he is going to a place that scares him with people he hardly knows.

Mobile groomer

Then I discovered a mobile pet grooming service. They come to our house to groom the dog and from the very first time I used them, my dog could not have been happier. So I am now a supporter of mobile dog grooming.


There are so many benefits to mobile grooming. Not being scared or full of anxiety is the major one. Here are some others:

  • No prep time – no hassles getting the pet ready for a day at the groomers;
  • No driving to the groomer – and with curb side service at your home or office, there is no need to put the animal in the car, no problems finding a parking spot, no stress or car sickness from the pet, and no seats getting scratched up;
  • They have a sparkling, sanitary environment so you no longer must worry about sharing germs, cages or parasites;
  • Stress free environment for your pet – free from other animals. Grooming services are right outside or inside your home with the pet getting all individual attention;
  • All packages have an individual consultation where the groomer and your pet can get to know each other prior to beginning the grooming. They also discuss all aspects of grooming from skin and coat, to personal styling. They help you to select the look that works for you and your pet.

Latchkey service

After working with this groomer I put a credit card on file at their office. I also told the groomer the garage door code and allowed them access to the home. They will groom the dog, lock up the house and charge my card on file.


Mobile grooming is a convenience for you and your pet. It is just so much easier on the pet, then the fear and anxiety of leaving them at the groomers shop.

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