Benefits of Owning a Pet


Are you an animal lover?

If so, owning a pet is probably an important part of your life. And you aren’t alone! In fact, 67% of US households – or about 85 million American families share their home with a domesticated animal.

Owning a pet is fun and enriching – adding companionship and happiness to each day. And, it has been linked to other big benefits, as well. Keep reading to learn more about how your life might improve from bringing an animal into it!

Owning a Pet Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Even though they take time and attention to care for, owning pets can lower stress and anxiety levels. Interacting with pets has been proven to boost serotonin and dopamine (two hormones associated with stress) in the brain. These are the same two chemicals that help us feel good when interacting with friends and romantic partners.

Decreased depression is another benefit of owning pets, thanks to the companionship that they offer. Taking time out of each day for walks and feeding can add valuable purpose to your life and encourage healthy habits like establishing a routine at home.

Laughter and Fun

Whether it’s a case of the “zoomies” or a cat that’s scared of cucumbers, animals are fun – and sometimes hilarious!

Of course, fish offer less entertainment, but one of the biggest benefits of owning a dog or cat is the chance to watch all of their goofy antics. And, depending on your pet’s personality, you could find yourself laughing for hours. Just remember to keep your phone handy – you never know when you’ll get the chance to capture your companion’s craziest antics on video.

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Physical Health

You don’t have to be a dog owner to get big physical health benefits out of pet ownership. Other animals, like cats, birds, and small mammals, can also help you get daily exercise and go outdoors. It just depends on your individual animal!

Sharing your home with a pet can also boost your physical health by helping you get enough sleep at night – who doesn’t nap better, curled up with their fur baby? And, it can even boost your immune system and help keep you from developing allergies.

Safety and Responsibility

Lastly, owning an animal can help you feel safer at home, especially if you live alone. Just the sensation of having your companion there with you will help – even if you aren’t trying to train your parakeet for home defense!

Pets are also great practice when it comes to learning responsibility. Their care and upkeep can help establish healthy habits and routines for kids and adults alike.

From Fur Babies to Fishy Friends

Now that you know a bit more about the benefits of owning a pet, we hope you’ll feel closer than ever to your companion. And, remember that not all pets have to be dogs and cats! If you’re considering adding an animal to your home, birds, fish, and reptiles also make excellent options.

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