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Will Brexit Affect Pet Travel In Europe

How The Current Brexit Negotiations May Affect Your Travel Plans Learn about the EU Pet Passport Scheme and how the UK may be classified in a Brexit ‘no deal’ scenario. Brits take an estimated 20 million trips to Europe each year, and as a nation of pet lovers, naturally many

How to buy a perfect camera for your pet

If you have a pet and you are trying to capture all the amazing moments that you are going to spend with your pet, then you should consider purchasing a perfect camera. There are various options out there that you can explore and you can easily find the perfect camera

Save the Cats Organization

All over the world and every year, millions of cats are brutally slaughtered for their meat as food for people.  Stolen pets and strays are taken to these cat meat markets. These helpless cats are packed together in overcrowded small cages where they are forced to urinate and defecate on

Geckos – Wall-Climbing Lizards

Geckos--Lizards that can walk up the walls--up glass windows and across the ceiling, as well! We can find them in warm climates (mostly the tropics--but also in desert areas in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas), geckos are amazing critters! They come from the family of Gekkonidae, their toe pads enables


  When picking a chicken you will want to look at their individual breeds. This is necessary as some of them live great together and others have an attitude that requires them to with their own kind. Even though there are over sixty chicken breeds to choose from, there are a

Choose The Best Size Cat tree For Your Home

The cat is an adorable pet for adults and children. They are quiet, easy to train and fun to have at home. Feeding them can be easy and they sit on your lap at night. Everyone loves a cat at home. However, if you have decided to get a cat as

Tips for Cleaning Dog Tear Signs

Almost every canine owner has to face several problems regarding the health issues and to make their pet look wonderful as well. But all these things require a lot of experience and practice, and if you a new dog owner, and you know nothing about the stuff related to dogs

Should You Give Your Dog Vitamins?

Dog vitamins aren't really that much different from humans vitamins in the sense that they will give your dog some much needed nutrients that they might otherwise be lacking in their regular diet. However, not everyone is convinced on whether dogs really need vitamins in the first place. If you think

Best Pure Balance Dog Food Buyer Guide

We experienced several surveys about Pure Balance canine nourishment ( of which are overwhelmingly positive), and will center around a portion of the highlights that are said much of the time by Pure Balance clients. On the off chance that you change your pooch's eating routine to Pure Balance Grain Free