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Give Your Pets a Holiday While You Are Away

Whenever you need to leave your home for more than a few hours, it may be tempting to ask a friend or family member to watch your pet. While this may be a valid solution when you will only be gone for a day, if you will be spending any extended time away, you should call a kennel or cattery into the equation. Catteries and kennels allow your pets to receive excellent care while you are away, giving you peace of mind during your travels. In fact, there are many benefits that come with this option, and you will be glad you considered it once you return home.

Expert Care

Your friend may be capable of putting food and water out when your pet needs it, but they are unlikely to know enough about your dog or cat to determine when something is wrong. An expert caregiver knows when a cat or dog is healthy, and they know what behaviour is normal for a dog or cat in a new environment. In addition, they will focus their entire attention on the care of your animal, meaning that they will receive care from someone all day long. A friend has other responsibilities and will often have no choice but to leave your dog or cat alone during part of the day. Swindon boarding kennels and catteries allow your pet to exercise and have fun during their entire stay.

Peace of Mind

Many pet owners choose not to leave the home if they know they cannot bring their pet along with them, but this is no way to live. Rather than locking yourself in your home, simply consider a cattery or kennel to ensure your pet is in good hands while you travel. Whether you need to leave for business, on holiday or to visit friends or family, your pet will enjoy every moment of your time away. The constant care and attention they receive will allow you to enjoy peace of mind while you sail across the sea on a cruise or sit in an important work seminar. Whatever you need to do while away, your pet will be returned in healthy and happy condition upon your return.

Pet Care

Reasons to Send Your Pet to a Cattery

Felines are delicate animals that require a special type of care to remain healthy and happy at all times. When a cat feels as if his or her territory is threatened, he or she may begin exhibiting negative behaviours such as refusing to eat, becoming aggressive, and wetting the floor. For these reasons, many cat owners find it difficult, if not impossible, to travel away from the home for more than a few hours. Fortunately, there are now options that will help your cat feel comfortable and content while you take the time to travel.


As previously mentioned, many cat owners bring their cats to Swindon boarding kennels and catteries whenever they need to travel. Although a cat can handle the occasional car ride, bringing your cat with you across the country or overseas is not an easy accomplishment. By sending him or her to a reputable cattery, you ensure that he or she is given expert care while you are away. This is especially important if you have a cat with specific dietary needs or physical needs.

Better Than a Friend

Your friend may have the best intentions, but he or she is unlikely to know how to handle your cat or recognise the behaviours that indicate unhappiness or illness. Unless he or she has multiple cats of his or her own, he or she may cause more harm than good while looking after your feline companion. Therefore, you benefit more from sending your cat to a cattery. The professionals employed there will know exactly what to look for in your cat’s behaviour and how to react to it. If he or she were to fall ill for any reason, the experts at this type of facility would spot the signs early and help you find treatment options before an illness progresses too far. In short, you want to keep someone knowledgeable by your cat’s side when you cannot be, and the cost-effective price will make the process even simpler.

Pet Accessories

Finding the Right Shop for You and Your Pet: It’s Essential

When you’re a pet owner, keeping a valued dog, cat, bird, or other companion healthy and happy is one of the top priorities in your life. Because you feel this way about your pet, you don’t want to just take what you can get when it comes to buying food, supplies, and accessories. You would be wise to take a bit of time to select your pet shop or supplier to make sure you’re working with someone who is as passionate about pets as you are.

New Pet, Veteran Pet Owner

If you have recently added a pet to your family and are wondering where to go for quality supplies, food, and advice, you might want to visit the website of one of the leading pet shops in West Midlands. You’ll find individuals who are not only business people but are also pet owners and pet lovers. Of course, one of the key factors in choosing your shop is to make sure the business serves a variety of pets. Shops vary in size and generally shape their business to fit the demands of area customers.

If you see a list that includes birds, dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, etc. you are on the right path. Devote a few minutes to browsing the website to get a feel not only for what they offer but also how they offer it. You wouldn’t want to trust your valued canine to a store whose owners are only passionate about horses!

Informative, Friendly

It would also be wise to gather information about the products offered by browsing the website or talking to a representative. Talking to someone at the shop may be the most important step you take. Loving a pet and taking good care of a pet is a matter of feel as much as knowledge. You will find yourself well ahead if you are working with someone who is knowledgeable and open during all of your discussions about pets.

Pet Health

Five Reasons to Have Pets Desexed

Most of the illnesses that dogs or cats will contract can be avoided by making sure that they get the proper vaccinations from the time they are young. In addition, having them spayed or neutered can also prolong their lives. By having your pet desexed, you can prevent these diseases or behavioural problems.

Prevents Territory Marking

Whether a male cat is outside or indoors, if he hasn’t been neutered, he will usually mark his territory by spraying urine on it. While it will wash away outdoors when it rains, if he does it indoors, it will leave an unpleasant odour which is difficult to remove. Dogs will also mark their territory by urinating on it, but desexing will usually help put an end to it.

Prevents Cancer

Both male and female dogs and cats are more susceptible to certain types of cancers if they are not desexed. For male pets, neutering can prevent testicular and prostate cancers as well as prostate disorders. In females, it helps to prevent ovarian tumours, cystic ovaries, breast or mammary cancers, and serious uterine infections.

Prevents Wandering and Injuries

Males who haven’t been desexed will tend to try to escape their confines and seek out females with which to breed, especially if they sense one nearby who hasn’t been desexed. As a result, they can get into fights and be injured or they risk getting hit by vehicles if they wander out into the street. Having a pet desexed is a simple surgery which can be done by a professional West Lindfield vet from Gordon Vet.

Prevents Unwanted Animals

One of the biggest reasons to desex pets is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, animal shelters are inundated with puppies and kittens every year because pets who haven’t been desexed and then get out and mate with another dog or cat. Most people don’t want to raise a litter of puppies or kittens so if they cannot find homes for them, they take them to animal shelters to try to have them adopted. All too often, these unwanted animals are euthanised because they can’t get adopted.

Calms Pets Down

Dogs or cats who are not desexed can be more hyper and exhibit anti-social behaviours, such as mounting people’s legs or yowling when in heat. By having them desexed when they are young, animals will be calmer and more laid-back so they make better pets. Gordon Vet is the best north shore vet hospital for desexing pets so they become better companions.

If you want a healthy and happy pet, then you need to have him or her desexed. It will prevent the development of many diseases and behavioural issues so he or she will be a part of your family for several years.

Pet News

What can a Dog Behaviourist do for your Dog

Right off the bat, we are going to tell you that a dog behaviourist is completely different to a dog trainer. A dog trainer is all about teaching your dog. A dog behaviourist is about establishing why your dog is acting the way they are, and coming up with solutions for dealing with the issue. Think of a dog behaviourist as being akin to a pet psychologist. In most cases, you are going to need a behaviourist over a trainer. Most dogs are not going to need retraining. So, what can a dog behaviourist do?

Well, you have to remember that dogs, just like humans, have different personalities. Just like humans, they are shaped by their day to day lives. They learn things and they behave in a certain way because of those things. Even if you raise your dog in an incredibly loving home, and we are sure you do that, they may still have some behavioural issues from time to time. The job of the behaviourist will be to correct those.

Let’s take animals that have been raised in a home where they have very little contact with people, or maybe with other animals. This is quite common of you adopt a dog from the RSPCA, PDSA, or any other centre which allows you to adopt animals. These dogs will have been shaped by their upbringing. If they were raised ‘violently’, then they may be scared of people that approach them. There is no trainer out there who will be able to deal with that. It is not a training issue. It is a psychological issue. If you do not deal with this psychological issue, then things are going to end up getting worse and worse. It needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

The job of a dog behaviourist will be to get the root of what is causing your animal’s behaviour problems. By doing this, they will be able to come up with a plan on how the issues can be treated. They will then be able to ‘teach’ you how to deal with these issues. They will also be able to ‘teach’ the dog (different to training the dog) in how they can deal with their behavioural issues, or at least how to cope in the world that they live in. it is fair to say that many dogs can’t have their issues dealt with fully. The same goes to humans. There are some things which have had such a profound impact on us that they are tough to deal with. However, they can be dealt with to the point where the dog becomes easier to interact with.

If you have a dog which is exhibiting problems, then you will almost certainly want to get in touch with a behaviourist. They should be able to deal with most problems that your dog has. This will not only end up making you happier, but it will make your animal happier too.