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Importance Of Putting Harness On Your Dog

If you possess an aggressive or boisterous dog and often find it a bit problematic to handle your pet, then simple neck collar will not be sufficient for controlling its movement. You will then need a perfect harness for the animal to make it properly respond to you. Why should you purchase a harness instead of the dog’s neck collar? There are myriad reasons to justify the fact. Just read the following benefits & promptly switch to the right harness for your zesty pup.

For getting full control over your energetic dog

A dog harness enables the owner to completely control his pet while accompanying it on road or in the park. Large, strong & energetic dogs often try to go beyond your control especially on streets because of exciting stimuli and it becomes highly difficult for you to manage them at that time. The harness also provides more control on your pup when it seeks to chase a cat, bird or another dog on the footpath or in the park.

Ensuring utmost protection for your pooch

Dog harnesses give utmost protection to your dog as it covers the larger part of its body. Harness proves to be highly secured by covering the chest, front limbs and shoulders of the pet instead of tightening its neck only. This accessory is a crucial alternative to dog’s collar which is put on the animal’s neck while the owners are advised not to fasten it tightly. This becomes an irritating concern and often dangerous for the dog while going for a sidewalk beside busy traffic. An effective dog harness truly restricts the movement of your doggie & prevents it from sudden escaping.

For avoiding severe neck & trachea wounds

When you pull the lead fixed to the dog’s collar, it poses immense strain on its delicate neck area. This ultimately leads to developing serious injuries on the dog’s neck & trachea. Some smaller dog breeds have delicate bones in their neck area and such discomfort may turn into the worst condition for them. Here lies the significance of harness as it puts the pressure on the extended part of the dog’s body and thus prevents critical injuries. Buying the right harness for such small breeds becomes essential in such a situation.

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How to Celebrate Your Love for Your Pets

Pet lovers know better that their furry friends improve their quality of life from decreasing stress levels to lowering blood pressure and improving mood. With these, celebrating your love for your pets is arguably the most important thing you can do for them.

Here’s how you can celebrate your love for your pets:

Taking your pet out for a walk
Whatever pets you have, walking with them will be their greatest moment no matter how little time you allotted. Remember that walking will give numerous health and social benefits to your pets. By establishing a walking schedule, you are reducing the risk of obesity, which is associated with a number of medical issues.
Taking photos
You take photos with your best friend but why not with your pet? Pet Photography is difficult but with simple tricks, you can have that professional looking photos worthy of hanging on the wall. Here are some tips to help you take great pet photos:

• Determine your pet’s personality: before you start taking photos, it is imperative that

you ask yourself what sets your pet apart from other pets. The answer lies in your pet’s personality.
• Choose a location: when choosing a location, you should consider where your pets will be comfortable and at ease. They will feel that way if they are familiar with the location. Lastly, you need to consider the background. You have to remember that sometimes the best background is the plainest one.
• Get up close and personal: if you do not want your pets to get lost in the photos, you should make an effort to get up close and personal. This is challenging especially if your pets move around a lot.
• Utilise natural light: as much as possible, you should utilise natural light when taking a photo. With this, you need to avoid flash as it can cause red-eye. Aside from that, the flash might also frighten your pets. The best thing to do is to go outside or a well-lit room to get a good shot.
• Get on their level: if you want a more personal approach, you should get on their level. Do not stand up and look down because it will leave you too far away from the pets.

Giving special treats
Aside from Pet Photography Brisbane, you should also give your pet special treats. Whether it is a homemade biscuit or a special streak, you should do something out of the ordinary to show your love.

Washing your pet
Pets detest baths but it is crucial to keep them fresh and clean. You have to establish a regular bathing schedule. If it makes you feel better, you should also schedule grooming every now and then. Your pets will surely love the pampering.

Giving extra love
Your pets have a shorter life, which is why you should make everyday count. Give extra love every day from giving extra snuggles to more petting.

Final words
These things seem simple to you but it will be enough for your pets. At the end of the day, whatever is lacking, they will fill it very quickly and warm your heart. It is only fitting to give them the best.

Pet Care

5 Questions to Ask When You Choose A Kennel For Dog

When you are going for the family trip or you have to go for the business vacation, you should board the pet while you are away. Leaving the dogs behind can be stressful both for you and for the animal too. But, you should not have to worry much when you are keeping the pet at the kennel. There are various kennels or the boarding homes where you can keep the dog for the time being when you are away. If you search online, you will come across a lot of options on the kennels.

Now, the question is how you can choose the best kennel for your dog. Here are some of the questions that you may ask the owner of the kennel before you are keeping the dog there-

  1. Where to find the standard kennel for the pet?

One of the best ways to ask or to look about the kennel is to ask the vet of the dog. He will provide you with the right information about the location of the best kennel like the Dulles Kennel. Also, if you are taking the dog to the park or any pet community, you can ask other pet members who can have knowledge regarding the boarding houses for pets.

  1. Should the kennel is licensed?

Yes, it is mandatory for all the dog kennels to be certified or licensed by the Governing body. The kennels that are having the certification are having enough standards to maintain and they are best to keep the dogs. If you want to find out which kennel is having the license, you can ask to see the certificate from the owner.

  1. Should I move around the kennel?

When you are going to choose the kennel to keep the dog during your vacation, it is obvious that you tour around the kennel. The area of the boarding place should be large enough so that the pets can move freely and safely. There should be no bad odor coming from the region. The living and playing area should be separate and clean. There should be at least 1 staff for 7-8 dogs.

  1. What should be the characteristics of the staff?

Though the kennel staffs do not require the certification for operating the functions, they should be reliable and experienced in doing this work. They should do good behaviour with the animal and should have knowledge regarding how to deal with the changing moods of the pets.

  1. Should I look for exercises or fitness programs?

The kennel that you are choosing should have exercise and the fitness programs. This should make the pets fit and strong. Most of the certified kennels have separate fitness programs for the pets. Even, the dogs are taken to the potty breaks in the daytime outside.

These are 5 important questions to ask when you are choosing the kennel. If you look for the reliable one, you can visit the Dulles Kennel that is best for providing quality services.

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Nutritional Management of Dog Diseases

Nowadays dogs and cats live longer lives as a result of their relationships with humans and the Petcare they received. This has lead to the development of certain diseases or conditions related to age. Some chronic diseases such as, osteoarthritis, renal insufficiency and stress/anxiety can be managed with nutritional supplements.

Osteoarthritis is a common condition in geriatric dogs and there are certain supplements that can improve your dog’s quality of life. It has been proven that several dietary supplements can help in the management of pain related the canine osteoarthritis and act as chondroprotectants (substances that protect cartilage or promote its synthesis). The following supplements can be used for the management of osteoarthritis in dogs: glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids) and perna mussels.

Renal insufficiency can be managed with a proper diet. Dogs that are diagnosed early and treated properly can have good quality of life for various years. A proper diet for this disease should include a small amount of high quality and easily digestible protein (cocked eggs, chicken, liver, among other), low amounts of phosphorus and sodium. In addition, it is thought that vitamin D and fatty acids can be beneficial for the management of this disease. The recommended concentrations of nutrients for a renal diet are: 30% of high quality protein, 0.5% of phosphorus, 0.24% of sodium and 0.33% of omega-3 fatty acids.

Finally, stress and anxiety can be managed with the supplementation of some amino acids like L-theanine, L-tryptophan and alpha-casozepine. L-theanine and L-tryptophan are amino acids that act as precursors for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Alpha-casozepine is a peptide (a short chain of amino acids) obtained from milk, which has anxiolytic properties.


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A Quick Guide To Emotional Support Animals

Unfortunate but true that people all over the world are increasingly being exposed to negativity. This negativity doesn’t necessarily mean the self-inflicted one. It may be the circumstances that one is forced to live with on a prolonged basis. For instance, there is peer pressure in office. At home, there may be the pressure for better living that one could barely afford. Another significant reason for emotional breakdown is one’s dissatisfaction or failure in love life. In short, there is no dearth of reasons for the people to seek refuge to the emotional support animals. What is an emotional support animal then?

Well, to begin here with the right mindset, you should know that an emotional support animal is essentially an animal that assists its master in everyday living and it is not a pet. Having said that, we mean, you have pets like dogs or cats at home, but they are not emotional support animals. In other words, emotional support animals are specially trained for accompanying their owners and they are not master at performing mundane tasks. These animals are usually recommended by physicians to their patients based on their individual condition.

How to keep emotional support animals?

  • Your emotional support animals must be harnessed and tethered while visiting the public places. At the same time, they must be under your control so that they cannot inflict damage on others.
  • They must comply with the laws of the land. Having said that, we mean, your dog, for instance, must abide the law of your state such as the Pennsylvania Dog Laws.
  • You or your emotional support animal handler must have adequate control over the animal. Besides, you or the handler must not leave the animal unattended overnight.
  • If you are a student, please note that you can take your emotional support animal only up to your residential hall of an institution or the university.
  • Your emotional support animal must behave well in public. Having said that, we mean, the animal must be trained to behave responsibly and refrain from inflicting damages on others.
  • People having emotional support animals often find hardships to find a rented accommodation, especially when they seek an accommodation in a housing. But, laws are there to protect their interest. Landlords cannot deny accommodation just because they have an animal. But, as a special tenant, they will have to produce documents pertaining to their disability or doctor’s advice for keeping the animal with them.
  • Flying with emotional support animals requires a little bit of preparation beforehand. For instance, you have to book a ticket in advance for the animal. On top of it, you will have to carry the animal/s in standard containers with holes as specified by the airliner. The containers must be kept below your seat and so on. Besides, you have to ensure that the animal does not bark continually (except under some medical emergency) causing annoyance to others.

Therefore, the proposition what is an emotional support animal essentially demands a lot of preparations bespoke to an occasion. For instance, to buy an emotional support animal, you must produce a letter that verifies the need for such an animal for your mental and physical wellbeing.