Are You Planning a Trip and Need to Kennel Your Dog


If you are taking a holiday and cannot take your dog, you can still give your canine a holiday too. By choosing the right kennel, you can ensure the safety and health of your pet whilst you are travelling. Before you embark on your trip, however, you need to make sure that the boarding facilities for your Dog kennel will meet your specifications as well as the needs of your pet.

A Standard Kennel

A standard kennel for a dog features sleeping quarters that are supported by an exercise area outdoors. The exercise area should be expansive so that your pet receives adequate exercise. If you leave your dog in a kennel during the winter, it should be heated. Vet beds should be provided as well as fresh water. The facility should feature kennels where the dogs cannot see one another. Taking this measure reduces canine anxiety.

Service Amenities

Affordable dog kennel services in Darlington should also provide the following:

  • Exercise sessions should take place twice a day with the dogs on flexi leads.
  • Dog food should be hypoallergenic. To meet all of a dog’s feeding needs, chicken and wet meat should also be available. Dog owners may also bring food for their dogs if they prefer.
  • Whilst bedding is available, the dog owner may also bring his or her dog’s bedding and a couple toys. (The use of plastic bottles is discouraged.)
  • Medications are administered if required. (Kennels normally do not take canines that need injections.)

Before you board your dog, make sure that he or she has all his vaccinations. Your canine should also be treated for parasites before kennel admittance.

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