8 Things that You Should Put in Your Dog’s Food to Keep Them Healthy


Healthy dogs have very powerful immune systems that keep canine diseases at bay, but the keyword here is “healthy.” Alongside exercise and a lot of companionship on a daily basis, the most important factor in keeping a dog healthy is the diet. You might already be feeding the best dog food or a nutritious homemade meal to your dog, but today we will tell you a about a few things that can make that wholesome diet even more nourishing for your canine friend.

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Vitamin E

Just as it does in us, vitamin E strengthens and improves the heart, the eyes, the skin and the muscles in dogs too. It also boosts immunity and as long as you keep the dosage to a small amount on a daily basis, there should be no risk of overdose.

Coconut Oil

It doesn’t get more natural than coconut oil and it has zero side effects. It helps in digestion and the oil might even keep diabetes away. The fact that coconut oil is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiviral, contributes heavily towards keeping the dog’s coat healthy and immunity strong.


Benefits from holistic dog supplements like Canna Companion include joint pain relief, better mobility for arthritic dogs, improved brain function, less anxiety, improved digestion and boosted immunity. As the supplements are derived from hemp and consist only of phytocannabinoids, you don’t need to worry about your dog getting high on THC!


An excellent way to get rid of gas, acid and nausea, peppermint oil or other products derived from the plant also makes dogs feel better when they are suffering from digestive issues. Besides, it will make your dog’s breath smell better and nobody minds that!


Another excellent natural way to take care of stomach upsets, pumpkin can help your dog find relief regardless of whether it’s diarrhea or constipation that he/she is suffering from. Make sure that it’s unsweetened and natural, home grounded pumpkin mash and not something artificial you bought at the store.

Fish Oil

Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, fish oil is an excellent supplement for reducing inflammations, improving skin and hair and boosting immunity. Don’t overuse it though, because it can have side effects such as vitamin E reduction when overused.


Antioxidants are good for everyone (including dogs) for multiple reasons and rosemary is quite rich in antioxidant compounds. Apart from that, rosemary also has a high content of vitamin B6, calcium and iron.


Echinacea or the coneflower is an ancient, natural remedy for respiratory infections and chronic asthma. The use of the flower among human beings is very old in origin but when it comes to dogs, it’s a relatively new endeavor which is showing some promising outcomes.

While all of the supplements and herbs mentioned are safe for canines, one key thing to remember is that you should never over-supplement. As long as what you are feeding to your dogs is healthy, it’s better to under-supplement than to overdo it. When introducing something new to your dogs for the first time, use a small amount to see how they react to it, before moving on to larger quantities.

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