5 Signs You Have a Raccoon Infestation (and What to Do About It)


Do you suspect there is a raccoon infestation in or near your home? It is essential to act fast, as, like with any pest infestation, the problem will continue to worsen.

Raccoon infestations can lead to court cases, sleepless nights, and exposure to diseases. Even if the raccoon problem is not in your home yet, it can get to the point where it is.

Raccoons are black and grey. They have black rings around their tails and ‘bandit mask’ style markings on their face. However, there are some other signs you may have a raccoon problem even if you do not see them.

Here are five signs you may have a raccoon pest infestation.

  1. Raccoon Footprints

Raccoon footprints are easy to distinguish from other animals. They have five fingers, so their paws resemble tiny human hands. Their back paws are like small human feet, too.

If you notice these types of footprints in your garden or around your area, it means raccoons are around. If you have other raccoon evidence, you may have an infestation.

  1. Raccoon Droppings

Raccoons usually have a communal area for their bathroom, so droppings are often in one or two areas. They are similar in appearance to dog droppings and have a strong odor. Bases of trees, attics, and under-decks are some common sites.

Call a pest infestation service if you notice droppings. Raccoons can carry some diseases, so get a professional to get rid of raccoons.

  1. Evidence of Dens

Raccoons like to make nests in areas like trees, homes, and abandoned buildings. If you notice footprints or droppings, have a look for potential dens. Also, prevent pest infestation by sealing any points of access, such as under a deck.

If you find a den, be wary! As raccoons are nocturnal, they could be in there during the day. They can be aggressive, so do not risk trying to capture them!

A pest infestation company such as Animal Damage Control MN LLC will safely get rid of raccoons. And they will prevent future infestation.

  1. Noise

Raccoons can get noisy at night. If you hear something in your attic or chimney, it could be a raccoon. You might also hear them communicating at night.

Raccoon noise can vary, but it is often compared to an owl screech, grunts, snorts, and screams. Baby raccoons may make whining or crying sounds.

  1. Property Damage

Have you noticed toppled garbage cans or trash spewed across your lawn? It could be raccoons feasting.

Raccoons have sharp claws and teeth, so you may also notice scratch or bite marks. If raccoons are inside your home, they may chew through wiring, insulation, and beams.

Call Pest Infestation!

If you notice one or more signs above, it is time to call a pest infestation company. The sooner you act, the sooner you can solve the raccoon problem.

A pest infestation service can get rid of raccoons without causing harm. Do not risk trying yourself! Good luck!

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