5 Questions to Ask When You Choose A Kennel For Dog


When you are going for the family trip or you have to go for the business vacation, you should board the pet while you are away. Leaving the dogs behind can be stressful both for you and for the animal too. But, you should not have to worry much when you are keeping the pet at the kennel. There are various kennels or the boarding homes where you can keep the dog for the time being when you are away. If you search online, you will come across a lot of options on the kennels.

Now, the question is how you can choose the best kennel for your dog. Here are some of the questions that you may ask the owner of the kennel before you are keeping the dog there-

  1. Where to find the standard kennel for the pet?

One of the best ways to ask or to look about the kennel is to ask the vet of the dog. He will provide you with the right information about the location of the best kennel like the Dulles Kennel. Also, if you are taking the dog to the park or any pet community, you can ask other pet members who can have knowledge regarding the boarding houses for pets.

  1. Should the kennel is licensed?

Yes, it is mandatory for all the dog kennels to be certified or licensed by the Governing body. The kennels that are having the certification are having enough standards to maintain and they are best to keep the dogs. If you want to find out which kennel is having the license, you can ask to see the certificate from the owner.

  1. Should I move around the kennel?

When you are going to choose the kennel to keep the dog during your vacation, it is obvious that you tour around the kennel. The area of the boarding place should be large enough so that the pets can move freely and safely. There should be no bad odor coming from the region. The living and playing area should be separate and clean. There should be at least 1 staff for 7-8 dogs.

  1. What should be the characteristics of the staff?

Though the kennel staffs do not require the certification for operating the functions, they should be reliable and experienced in doing this work. They should do good behaviour with the animal and should have knowledge regarding how to deal with the changing moods of the pets.

  1. Should I look for exercises or fitness programs?

The kennel that you are choosing should have exercise and the fitness programs. This should make the pets fit and strong. Most of the certified kennels have separate fitness programs for the pets. Even, the dogs are taken to the potty breaks in the daytime outside.

These are 5 important questions to ask when you are choosing the kennel. If you look for the reliable one, you can visit the Dulles Kennel that is best for providing quality services.

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