5 Last-Minute Things To Do Before Moving Out of an Apartment


Moving out of an apartment is a big project. When you’re focused on planning and packing, it’s easy to overlook minor things. Unfortunately, they can become big problems after you no longer have the keys!

Make sure you get your deposit back. Leave on a good note by learning about (and remembering to do) these last-minute things when moving out of an apartment.

Before Moving Out of an Apartment, Clean It!

When it’s time to move out of your current apartment, you may feel overwhelmed. Creating a simple checklist will help you avoid moving-related stress.

Above all, don’t leave a messy apartment for the next occupant! Cleaning up after yourself should be the number one item on your move-out checklist.

Start with a bucket of cleaning supplies and work your way through the rooms in your old apartment. Remove stains in the bathroom and kitchen, and check for pet odors. If you have a dog or cat, have a quality pet odor remover on hand to deal with any unwanted smells.

Change Your Renter’s Insurance

Even if you move in a hurry, don’t forget to change your renter’s insurance. Give them a quick call and let them know your address is changing.

If you’re moving into a new apartment, now is the perfect time to let your insurance carrier know that you’re changing your address. Don’t enjoy making phone calls? See if you can update your address on their website.

Forward Your Mail

Forwarding your mail is another thing to remember when you’re moving out. This is especially important if you’re planning to move far away. You won’t be able to stop by and pick up straggler pieces of mail from a great distance away.

Failing to forward your mail can cause all kinds of problems, like missed bills and financial notices. It can also lead to the loss of personal mail from family and friends.

Forwarding your mail is a simple process that you can complete online via the Post Office’s online change of address site. It takes about five minutes to complete, so it’s very easy to take care of.

Fix Things

Leaving signs of obvious damage in your old apartment can result in repair fees. When last-minute moving is necessary, people sometimes overlook the need to fix things in their old apartment. Depending on your lease, you may be responsible for small items that have been damaged.

The more items you can restore to their original state, the better. If there are stains on the floor, try to get them out.

If the carpet is stained beyond repair, see if you can replace it. Fix the blinds if they are broken, and patch and paint walls if you see holes.

The main objective is to use common sense. If it looks glaringly bad, try to fix it.

Do One Last Check

Finally, before you go, review your move-out checklist one last time. After you’re satisfied that you’ve completed everything on your list, you can move with confidence.

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In this article, we’ve covered a few tips on what to do before moving out of an apartment. Having a plan will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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