5 Cat Owner Tips Every Human Friend Needs to Know


Thinking of bringing home a new furry friend? Why not adopt a cat, one of the most popular pets in America?

Cats make wonderful companions and are a great fit for any lifestyle. You’ll find that they’re loving, fun to be around, and offer a lot of flexibility.

However, if you’re going to bring home a cat or kitten, you need to make sure you can give them the best life possible. Here are five essential cat owner tips that you need to know.

Make Your Cat Comfortable

Out of all of our cat care tips, making your cat comfortable is the most important. Your new friend should have a soft, warm bed and a place to feel cozy and secure.

You don’t have to splurge to give your pet a nice place to sleep. Sometimes even a cardboard box and a fresh, clean towel will do until you find a pet bed that they love.

Play Outside Safely

Cats have a reputation for being independent and taking care of themselves. Some new cat owners make the mistake of thinking they can go outside on their own.

Keep your cat safe from predators, other animals, and cars by keeping them in a screened-in patio for structured outside time or trying out a pet leash. If that’s not a possibility, get a patch of indoor grass they can play in or set up a bed by a window so they can see outside.

Feed Them Right

Your pet deserves high-quality foods and fresh waters at all times. If your pet is picky, it might take a few tries to find out which food is their favorite while still meeting dietary requirements.

Got a cat that eats too much? Overfeeding is a problem, so look into using a selective pet feeder to control how much they eat throughout the day.

Make Friends With Your Vet

Your vet is a great resource for keeping your new friend healthy. They can give your pet medicines, keep them flea-free, and let you know how your cat is doing.

Consider getting your pet microchipped and spayed or neutered if it’s your first vet visit. Don’t forget to talk about how to keep their teeth healthy, too.

Toys and Treats

Your kitty deserves to have a little fun. Toys and treats add enrichment and enjoyment to their lives.

Catnip is always a wise choice when it comes to keeping kitty entertained. Keep their toys fresh so that there’s always something new for them to play with.

More Essential Cat Owner Tips and Tricks

These five cat owner tips are just the start of making your cat’s life as great as possible. Your pet will give back everything that they get, and you’ll find that owning a cat is rewarding and wonderful.

Want to learn more tips and tricks on how to best take care of your new friends? We’ve got guides for different breeds of cats and more.

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