4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Comfortable at Home


Most people treat their pets like beloved family members. Unfortunately, we can’t be with them every second of every day. When we’re gone and have to leave them at home, we want them to be as comfortable as when we are at home — even though they don’t have a lap to snuggle on. From home automation to creating their perfect “spot,” here are four ways to keep your pets comfortable at home.


Pets usually like the temperature a little lower than humans do. Of course, we don’t know for sure because we can’t ask them. However, when your dog’s start panting like they just ran a marathon, it’s a sign that they might be a little too hot. They may have to tough it out when you’re home, but if you’re heading out to work, turn the thermostat down. It will save you money and will make your pet much more comfortable. If you sometimes forget to adjust the heat before you head out, it’s no problem at all if you install a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat for remote operation.


Your cat may be a creature of the night, but just like us, dogs and birds can be sensitive to sudden changes in light and darkness. Birds usually like to have their cages covered at night to make their area nice and dark. Dogs don’t generally like being left home alone in the dark any more than we do. Try to remember to leave a light on for your four-legged family member while you’re gone. Again, this is where a remote system comes in handy. If you forget, you can just use your smartphone or tablet remotely to turn a light on in your house.

Their “Spot”

Image via Flickr by SaraS

Just like you might have your favorite recliner, animals typically have a spot of their own where they light to curl up and be cozy. Try to designate a comfortable place for your pet where they won’t be a tripping hazard. Create a little nook where your pet can still see you but can also use it as their own personal sanctuary where they can take a nap or get away from family chaos. Under a counter or in a corner is usually an ideal location for a pet nook. Make them a little bed, fill it with plush, washable material, and put their food and water close by.


Dogs often struggle to walk on slick flooring — especially tile or wood floors. Use some throw rugs to create traction for them. You’ll probably have to secure the rugs to the ground with some Velcro or something similar, but it will make it much easier for your dog to walk around comfortably.

No one likes it when their four-legged family members are restless and uncomfortable. Pets are a lot like us. When they’re cozy, they sleep better and are just in a happier mood. Use these four ideas to help make your pet as comfortable as possible in your home so everyone can rest easy.

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