4 Spring Safety Tips for Pets


Australia is buzzing with spring fever as we all make the most of the warmer weather, sunny skies and more chances to get outside with our pets. Whether you’ve got a loyal old feline companion or you’re a first-time dog owner following a new puppy schedule, now’s the time to get out and sample everything the world has to offer.

To ensure that your pet is protected as they go on all sorts of outdoor adventures with you, we’ve compiled a list of some of our top tips for pet safety in springtime.

4 Spring Safety Tips for Pets

1. Watch Out for Fleas and Ticks

Whether you’ve gone out for a hike with your cat or met up with other pet parents for a dog date, it’s good to be vigilant about the possible parasites that may hitch a ride on your pet. Fleas and ticks can be lurking in the grass or other plants that your pet passes through, and they’ll quickly seize upon the chance to latch onto your pet.

Inspect your pet all over once you’re back at home and remove any fleas or ticks you find. For added protection, administer vet-approved preventative flea and tick treatments and try to avoid areas that are known to harbour these parasites.

2. Play it Safe When it Comes to Plants

Most pet owners will be familiar with some of the more common flowers and house plants that are toxic to our pets. However, those aren’t the only plants that can cause an adverse reaction.

Since our pets are naturally curious and want to explore, they might want to take a sniff (or a bite) out of unknown plants that they encounter as they’re out and about. A good rule of thumb is to not let them do this, unless you’re familiar with the plant and know that it’s safe. It may also be wise to maintain your lawn to prevent it from harbouring pests.

3. Choose Pet-Safe Cleaning Products

If you’ve chosen to do a long-overdue spring cleaning of your house, then it’s a good idea to use pet-friendly cleaning supplies where you can. This is where your pet spends most of their time and extended exposure to harmful chemicals can be detrimental to their health.

Soap, bleach, and other cleaning products do a great job of scrubbing away grime and dirt, but they aren’t meant for our pets paws and stomachs. Start with pet-safe cleaners, but still keep your pet secure and out of the way until you’re done cleaning. Only let your pet walk around unattended once all the cleaning substances are dry.

4. Be Wary of Unpredictable Weather

While the sun may be shining, it’s also possible that spring showers and other adverse weather conditions can show up unexpectedly. Make sure that you’re prepared for unpredictable weather by bringing along everything you need. An umbrella is a good idea in both hot and wet weather, so you can give your pet some protection from the sun and rain.

It’s always good to bring along water and snacks for your pet as well, as they’ll need to refuel and rehydrate if you’re out on a walk. This is especially important if temperatures are on the rise. If there’s any chance of your area getting hit with extremely inclement weather or flooding, then you can prepare a go bag with all of your pet’s essentials – medicine, food, cleaning supplies – so that you can take it and leave immediately if you must.

We all want our pets to live their best lives with us, and part of that is letting them explore the world around them. So long as you take these tips into consideration when you’re out with your pet, you’ll have peace of mind that they’ll be safe and happy.

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