4 Happy Customers to have nice big dog clothes for their Fur Baby


Nowadays,Dog fashion is more and more popular, It is not for the little guys and it can be the owner and the pets. Just get the information for these 1o happy owners if you are unsure to start if you are looking to spruce up you big dog’s wardrobe. I think you will find your way after you read this blog. From practical rain jackets to pretty party dresses, we’ve rounded up some of the best dog clothes for large dogs.

1,Beeda and 60lbs lab mix

I purchased this sports wear for my lab mix, who’s about 60 lbs, to have for the coming fall/winter here in North Carolina. He’s an odd shape and we can never go by weight to size him because of it. He’s lean and big through the chest but his neck and length is an awkward size in comparison. He’s also still growing and will be 2 in November. He’s a 29′ chest, 17 & 1/2″ neck, and if we went with exact numbers, he’d be a 6XL, but we went a size up with a 7XL and it fits comfortably with a little room which we preferred. We’re looking forward to a warmer, not to mention stylish, pup this winter!

2,Gotminpins and 55lb bully/heeler mix

Fits great, good quality. My dog loves wearing it!

UPDATE: This sweatshirt is so fantastic that some terrible, horrible human being actually stole it from behind a bar that I work at. A great, local, trusting place where everyone is basically friends. And I and my dogs love it so much that I’m ordering another one right now. Some notes on size though—I have a 55lb bully/heeler mix and the 7XL was a perfect comfy oversized fit. Since I’m getting another, I’m going for 6XL so it’s a bit more fitted on her. But moral of the story: this is cheap, BUY ONE, don’t steal, and if you take it off your dog, guard it with your life. And if you happen to see somebody with a dog rocking this in Dallas, ask them where they got it so that may be on the off-chance it’s the thief, the jerk will feel bad about their terrible life choices.

Tip: Be sure to check size guidelines and measure your dog before ordering. And for tips on how to train your dog to wear clothes

3.Different Size for the golden retriever and tiny shichon

I LOVE these hoodies! Have 1 for our little 8 pound male teddy bear dog (shichon) and 1 for each of our female golden retrievers. I was nervous on sizing so I’m hoping to help out with that here! Our 8 lb shichon fits well in a large when he’s shaved, but when he’s longer the XL fits better. I prefer the XL over the large as the XL isn’t SO big that it interferes with anything and then I don’t have to worry about it shrinking or not fitting if he gains a pound in the winter.
Our older golden is about 75-80 pounds and she’s a little shorter and stockier, more on the petite but aging chubby side and the 9xl is perfect. Our younger golden is 70 pounds and she is longer, bigger and leaner. The 8xl fits her well but I would get her the 9xl as well to give her the extra armpit room. Super soft, easy to put on, warm enough to keep older dogs warm but not hot, and surprised by how high quality they are. The shichon’s l and XL hoodies have been washed 50 times and the lettering is still perfect and no issues whatsoever other than minor shrinking after first dry.

4.Jamie Baran and his 100 lbs Golden Retriever

I love it! My male Golden Retriever is 100 lbs. and 13 years old with arthritis. I was looking for something to keep him warm while growing out his fur. I thought I would never find something to fit him properly. This was PERFECT! The material is medium weight, not as thick as a regular sweatshirt, and not as think as a tee shirt. Just right, and it fit him perfectly. I ordered the 9XL based on other customer reviews and it was exactly right. I also purchased the 8XL for my 11 month old Pit Bull puppy but I think that one will be a little big until she grows a bit more.

Read the size chart is very important for you to buy big dog clothing. You can follow the tip from the nice reviews. Enjoy finding the suitable clothes for your fur baby.

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