4 Great Commands to Teach Your Dog


Training your young dog and teaching it to follow new commands is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a dog owner. Not only will your dog follow your instructions without hesitation, you will also be able to see your dog grow and mature, as you grow with them.

Sadly, some dog owners don’t put as much effort into dog training as they should, either because they don’t see the importance or because they feel it’s beyond their ability. To help you along, we’ve put together this list of easy to master tricks that you can teach your dog, helping you to increase your bond in the process.

Teach Your Dog to Sit

The oldest trick in the book and one that still feels great when your dog can perform it over and over again without fail. Start by;

  • Holding a food based treat next to your dog’s nose.
  • Slowly increase the height of your hand which should cause your dog to reach higher, at the same time as lowering their rear end.
  • As soon as they are completely in the sit position, say the word sit and reward them with their treat.

The trick here is repetition, keep practising until your dog will perform this action immediately after hearing the command.

Teach Your Dog to Come

Recall, as it is known is one of the most important commands to master. You need to know that your dog will return to you as soon as you call for them. This can help prevent your dog from getting into trouble or from bothering other people or animals.

  • Start by putting a collar and leash on your dog.
  • Kneel down to their level and say the word come whilst pulling on their leash.
  • When they have walked over to you, reward them with a treat.

Teach Your Dog to Lay Down

Another great trick to learn, having your dog lie down on command brings a range of benefits including calming them down in high pressure situations.

  • Start by holding a treat in a closed fist near your dog’s face.
  • When they smell it, slowly lower your fist to the ground, causing your dog to follow your movement.
  • Once they’re lying down, move your hand away from so they crawl along the floor after you whilst saying the command, down.

Sitting up and lurching forward should be discouraged.

Teach Your Dog to Stay

This is a great trick that can be taught after your dog learns how to sit.

  • Start by telling your dog to sit.
  • Once in position, tell them to stay whilst slowly walking backwards.
  • If they stay in position, reward them with a treat.

Hire a Dog Training Expert

Training your dog can be difficult. It takes months of practice and positive reinforcement before you will be able to command your dog without a second thought. To assist you in this endeavour, dog training in Sydney is available to all those who live in the area and are willing to make use of expert tuition. After a few sessions, you will find your dog much more responsive and open to following instruction.

Simply make use of what you’ve learnt and practice at every opportunity.

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