13 Personalized Dog Ornaments Dog Lovers Will Love


Dog lovers tend to save a special place in their hearts and homes for their furry family members. When it comes to their dogs, only the best is acceptable which can make gift giving a little complicated. Thankfully, there are several personalized dog ornaments that all dog lovers will cherish and appreciate. Here are some of the best choices:

1 – Akita Christmas Ball Ornament

Akitas are loyal and loving dogs that are considered rare because they are mostly found in Japan. Surprise the Akita owner in your life with this ornament as a gift!

2 – Basset Ornament With Hydrant

Share a laugh with the basset hound owner when you give them an ornament where a basset shows its love for the fire hydrant. We all know dogs just love to stop by every fire hydrant they pass.

3 – American Eskimo With Tree

Make the next Christmas extra special when you give an American Eskimo standing beside a Christmas tree for their owner to hang during the holidays.

4 – Beagle In Front Of Tree

If a friend or a family member has a special beagle in their life, this ornament is an excellent choice. The Beagle in front of the tree is also customizable to include the name of their dog.

5 – Bearded White & Grey Collie Angel Ornament

We all know dog lovers see their furry babies as angels. Why not make it official using personalized dog ornaments that portray their beloved collie as an angel with a special message?

6 – Bernese Mountain Dog With Bone

A 3D ornament of a Bernese mountain dog holding a bone with their name is cute, thoughtful, and fun to have inside a home.

7 – Bichon Frise Ornaments

If you thought a bichon frise couldn’t get any cuter, you haven’t seen the customized ornaments. These small dogs have a huge impact in the life of their owners and so will these ornaments.

8 – Bull Terrier Angel With Start

Not only is the bull terrier an angel in this ornament, but it is also holding a star because dog lovers see them as the shining star in their life.

9 – Brittany Spaniel With Christmas Tree

Give this special ornament to a dog lover so that their one of a kind Brittany Spaniel can become an official part of their holiday celebrations.

10 – Cairn Terrier Mailbox

A Cairn Terrier inside a mailbox bringing its owner holiday mail so adorable that it will bring a smile to everyone’s face every time they catch a glimpse of this ornament from the tree.

11 – Corgi In Front Of Christmas Tree

All corgi lovers will fall in love with this personalized Christmas ornament that stars their fluffy companions.

12 – Golden Doodle Ornament

Their cute face will stand out once the ornament is placed on the Christmas tree!

13 – Dog With Lights

If you can’t find the specific breed of dog on the list, the dog with lights ornament comes in different colors and is just as special as any personalized ornament.

Give the dog lover in your life an ornament that shows just how special their dogs are this holiday! You can never go wrong with something personalized.

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