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The Importance of Dog Walking

Because dogs are social animals, it is important that they receive daily exercise. You simply cannot leave your dog inside all day, as doing so will lead to boredom or, in some cases, chaotic behaviour. Dogs need to be exercised to stay healthy and mentally alert. Exploring the Outside World Having your

Choosing a Boarding Kennel for Your Pet

According to one study reported in the Daily Mail, dogs enjoy kennel stays as much as their owners like to take a holiday. In fact, research reveals that canines find that the change to be exciting. The research, which measured a range of stress symptomatology in dogs, discovered that our

Caring for Your Pet in This Day and Age

No matter how stressful your day has been or how many challenges were thrown at you, your pet is always happy to see you. Whether it’s your dog wagging his tail as you walk through the door or your parakeet singing a pleasant song upon your arrival, pets enhance our

Give Your Pets a Holiday While You Are Away

Whenever you need to leave your home for more than a few hours, it may be tempting to ask a friend or family member to watch your pet. While this may be a valid solution when you will only be gone for a day, if you will be spending any

Choosing the Right Designer Puppy for Your Need

What type of designer puppies can suits your needs? How can you know that what type of dog puppy you will buy, it can be the puggle, labradoodle or the cockapoo? Before you will take a decision, you can read out the following questions to find out the best designer

What can a Dog Behaviourist do for your Dog

Right off the bat, we are going to tell you that a dog behaviourist is completely different to a dog trainer. A dog trainer is all about teaching your dog. A dog behaviourist is about establishing why your dog is acting the way they are, and coming up with solutions

Surfing the Web for a Good Pet Board

Want to discuss pets? Need help finding an ethical breeder? Choosing a type on your next dog? Locating the best rescue? Surrounded by those who believe you are nuts as you retain a larger picture of one’s pets or more pictures of them on your table than you’ve photographs of