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Nutritional Management of Dog Diseases

Nowadays dogs and cats live longer lives as a result of their relationships with humans and the Petcare they received. This has lead to the development of certain diseases or conditions related to age. Some chronic diseases such as, osteoarthritis, renal insufficiency and stress/anxiety can be managed with nutritional supplements.

How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Treating your dog right can give you a companion who’s always there for you, with unconditional loyalty and friendship for a lifetime. Here are some tips to help you keep your canine buddy content and healthy. Make Sure Your Dog Has Identification If your dog ever gets lost, you’ll want to make

A Quick Guide To Emotional Support Animals

Unfortunate but true that people all over the world are increasingly being exposed to negativity. This negativity doesn't necessarily mean the self-inflicted one. It may be the circumstances that one is forced to live with on a prolonged basis. For instance, there is peer pressure in office. At home, there

What to Do with Your Pet When You Are Moving

While you may find moving to be stressful, it’s likely far more stressful for your pet. If you’re moving with your pet and want to know how to help them adjust to your new home, here are some tips to help. Take Steps to Avoid Unwanted Surprises Certain unexpected inconveniences can arise

Do you know PET cpr?

You might know human cpr, but do you know PET cpr? Learn how to save your dog, cat or puppy's life. We use realistic dog and cat and puppy manikins to assist you in learning how to properly do pet cpr and choking and first aid techniques. Pet owners, dog

Luxurious dog beds to promote sound sleep

You can select from our luxury designer inspired range of dog beds and sofas to give your pet a comfortable night sleep. You can find a suitable match for your existing home furnishings and can offer a relaxing place for your dog. We are providing a wide range of beds,

How to Find a Reliable Vet

Taking your cat or dog to a veterinarian for a regular check-up is very important if you want to keep them healthy and make sure that they live longer. Finding a reliable vet can be quite difficult for pet owners, especially one that’s within their area. Emergencies can arise at

The many benefit of pet carriers, read to know!

Pet carriers are small portable box, cages or crates that are usually used when you are taking your pet along with you when travelling / transporting from one place to another.  These pets are carrier is for small animals such as cats, miniature pig, lap dogs, and so on, so

Find the Right Place to Board Your Cat, Then Relax

If you ask pet owners to name one of the most important decisions they make for their pet, chances are that you’ll hear them mention a place for boarding that they can trust. Of course, no location is going to replace a cat’s home. Felines are, after all, very much

How to Tell if Your Dog is Sick

Dogs are man’s best friend, but despite the close relationship we have with our canine buddies, it’s not always easy to spot the signs of sickness. A dog can’t tell you if he’s feeling ill, so you need to be vigilant, especially with an older dog. Dogs are pack animals,